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Hi All


Please see attached the latest Pay Circulars and communique/Frequently Asked Questions detailing the non-consolidated Recovery Payment made as part of the 2022/23 pay award and the 5% pay uplift for 2023/24.


The Recovery Payment and the pay award are only applicable to Agenda for Change staff and, as such, do not include Medical & Dental staff or those on the Executive/VSM pay scales.


In Summary:


In June 2023


  • The Agenda for Change Recovery one off non-consolidated, non-pensionable payment will be implemented in June 2023


In July 2023


  • The Agenda for Change Pay Award implemented, and salary will be changed from 1st April 2023
  • The Agenda for Change arrears of pay will be paid back to 1st April 2023 if applicable
  • Any arrears of pension due to the increase in Salary, will be applicable from the date of the Pay Award this will be deducted in addition to employee’s pension deductions for July 2023 salary payments.


In August 2023


  • The Pension Tier Assessment will be undertaken based on the Pay Award mentioned above, this will determine whether the employee’s Pension Tier % will increase or remain the same dependent on their Pensionable Pay Bracket


Those that increase in pension % will have any arrears of pension deductions made from the date of the Pay Award these arrears will be in addition to employee’s normal pension deduction in August 2023.


Full details can be found in the attached communication.


Can you please ensure that this is cascaded to all of your areas.






Andrew Crook

AFC(W) - 04_2023 pay award for 2023_24.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [170.4 KB]
Pay award 22_23 and 23_24 qa final 5 Jun[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [168.2 KB]
AFC(W) - 05_2023 recovery payment for 20[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [142.1 KB]

Dear colleague,


Tomorrow's Shaping Our Future Wellbeing session at University Hospital Llandough has been postponed. The new date and time is now:


Friday 9 June, 14:00 - 15:00

The Boardroom, University Hospital Llandough, presented by Marie Davies, Deputy Director of Strategy and Planning


If you cannot attend this date, please consider joining one of our other upcoming events:


Monday 5 June, 09:00-13:00

Drop-in session at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, presented by Marie Davies, Deputy Director of Strategy and Planning

Tuesday 6 June, 12:00-13:00

In-person presentation at University Hospital Wales presented by Marie Davies, Deputy Director of Strategy and Planning

Monday 12 June, 09:00-13:00

Drop-in session at Barry Hospital, presented by Marie Davies, Deputy Director of Strategy and Planning



This is your chance to shape the next ten years of health care. There are several ways you can engage with the strategy which includes face-to-face presentations, completing an online questionnaire or joining one of our virtual remote sessions


For further information regarding upcoming Shaping Our Future Wellbeing events and the supporting strategy documents, please refer to our dedicated SharePoint page.


Change starts with you.


NHS staff must get Welsh government pay offer without delay, says UNISON

NHS workers in Wales must receive a newly approved wage rise in their pay packets as soon as possible, says UNISON today (Wednesday).

Leaders at UNISON, the largest health union in Wales, have welcomed the Welsh government decision to sign off the new pay offer but say the money must reach workers without delay.

The offer consists of a 5% wage increase (payable from 1 April 2023) and an additional one-off payment for 2022/23 – worth between £900 and £1,190.

Earlier this month UNISON consulted with staff on Agenda for Change contracts (those directly employed by the NHS) over the Welsh government’s pay offer for 2023/24 and an additional one-off ‘recovery payment’ for the previous financial year.

A significant majority (78%) voted to accept the offer, with just 22% voting to reject.

All NHS unions then met on Monday (May 22) declaring the majority of health unions in favour of the deal and a final decision to implement the offer was made by Welsh government today (Wednesday).

UNISON Cymru/Wales head of bargaining and campaigns Jess Turner said: “We’re pleased the new pay offer will now be rolled out but it’s vital that it reaches pockets of NHS staff in Wales without delay.

“The NHS is one team. Every job and every worker make an essential contribution to patient care.

“Thanks to this deal, NHS staff will receive their pay rise much sooner than in previous years. This sets an expectation for the way NHS pay is approached in future in Wales.”f




As you may have heard, Conservative MPs again decided to support this undemocratic Bill. The Bill will now return to the House of Lords, where Peers will again decide where they stand.

While the government may get this legislation on the statute book, we will not stand by and let them sack a single nurse, paramedic, teacher, railway worker or civil servant.

We will defend the right to strike. And we will defend every worker who exercises that right to strike.

And I am pleased to say won confirmation that the Labour Party will repeal this legislation if they win the next election.

Thank you for everything you have done to build our campaign so far. Your energy and solidarity are the trade union movement's greatest strength.


Last night Conservative MPs reversed the positive changes made by the House of Lords to protect striking workers from dismissal

Wales TUC Greener Workplaces Network

13 June – 10.30 -12.15, online

Join us at our next Greener Workplaces Network, where we’ll hear from Jane Davidson about the Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group and how you can get involved. Plus, we’ll have a session looking at decarbonising supply chains and plenty of opportunities for networking and discussion. 

Register for the Greener Workplaces Network now

Did you miss the April network: ‘How can we support nature and make workplaces greener and healthier?’  Catch up on what you missed with the presentations and more here

Recruitment/Engagement Events





14th June UHW





You can also join online or by asking your local rep.


The Forum/ Y Fforwm Cymru/Wales Newsletter



Here’s the very first edition of The Forum/ Y Fforwm, a newsletter produced by Cymru Wales lay comms officers for branches and want-to-be comms officers. We want to showcase the good work of the Communications Forum, who we are and the training we sponsor.


If you are interested in improving branch communications or want to become a comms officer and want to know more, get in touch! We will offer you plenty of comradely support.


Thank you to Neath Port Talbot’s Leonie Isaac for producing this edition and Caerphilly’s Stephen Gardiner for helping with the formatting.


The Forum (English)


Y Fforwm (Cymraeg)






Alastair Gittins

Information Development Officer (Policy)

UNISON Cymru Wales

07816 53 83 97


NHS Wales Pay Consultation 2023

Your Pay

Thank you to everyone who has taken part and cast their vote on your NHS pay. The consultation is now closed.

The overall result is:

  • Accept – 77.9%
  • Reject – 22.1%

You have voted in your thousands and told us, decisively that you want the certainty of this offer from Welsh government to be implemented and paid to you as soon as possible.

Next Steps

UNISON Cymru/Wales will meet with all NHS trade unions following the conclusion of their respective consultations later in May ahead of discussions with Welsh government.

You can see what the offer means for you financially by using our calculator below.

Read our full press release by clicking the button below.

Read press release

What is the offer?

This offer is in addition to the £1,400 paid in September 2022 and the additional 3% (1.5% consolidated and 1.5% non-consolidated) that UNISON Cymru/Wales health workers voted to accept in February 2023.

Full detail of what you are being consulted on is below.


  • A further additional* one-off ‘NHS recovery payment,’ with an average value of 3%.
    The NHS Recovery payment will be a one off non-consolidated prorated payment for both substantive staff and bank workerson the following payment;
    – Band 1 to 4 £900
    – Band 5 to 8a £1,005
    – Band 8b to 8c £1,050
    – Band 8d £1,100
    – Band 9 £1,190

*This payment is on top of the £1,400 increase in September 2022 and the 3% (1.5% consolidated and 1.5% non-consolidated) UNISON Cymru/Wales members voted to accept in February 2023.


  • Agenda for Change Band 1 & entry point of Band 2 – 7.8% ensuring lowest paid are paid significantly above the Real Living Wage
  • All other Agenda for Change bands – 5% backdated to April 2023.

Use our pay calculator

What the offer means for you


View the full offer

View Pay Scales

Read full offer

Health Ministers statement

Click FAQ’s below for more info


NHS staff belonging to UNISON in Wales have voted to accept a new pay offer, says the union today (Friday).

pastedGraphic.png  pastedGraphic_1.png


Free Virtual Training

The Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit (WIMLU) is offering free loan shark awareness training to any who is interested. As the impacts of the pandemic continue, and the cost of living crisis worsens, there is concern around the economic consequences for people in Wales. Illegal lenders are seeking to exploit the situation by targeting vulnerable people and those suffering economic hardship.

The training sessions will cover:

  • The impact of illegal lending on vulnerable people
  • How to identify the signs of illegal lending and what to do if you suspect it’s happening
  • The work WIMLU is engaged in to tackle the problem and how we will work with you to protect and assist victims


The on line session will take place via ‘Teams’ on Tuesday 16th May 2023 11am-12pm.

Please click on the link below to join: Stop Loan Sharks Wales 


There For You – UNISON’s charity is hoping to be an official charity of the Cardiff Half Marathon which takes placed on Sunday October 1.


They have provisionally ‘booked’ 25-30 spaces with the organisers and are asking members to email  if they’d be interested in running on behalf of UNISON’s charity although this will involve them raising sponsorship monies.


Could you also please let me know if you or any of your colleagues are looking to take part as it would be great to feature some case studies on the UNISON Cymru/Wales website and socials in the build up to the event?


Many thanks,




Rupert Denholm-Hall

Press and Media Organiser

UNISON Cymru Wales

07967 463 158



NHS pay award announcement 22/23 and 23/24 for Agenda for Change staff in Wales


Dear All,


Please find enclosed the pay announcement from Welsh Government on pay for NHS A4C staff in Wales. The statement can be viewed here: Written Statement: NHS Pay award enhancement for 2022/2023 and pay award for 2023/24 Agenda for Change staff (20 April 2023) | GOV.WALES


The headline is an additional average 3% one off NHS recovery payment for 22/23 and a 5% consolidated increase on all pay points for 23/24. There is an increase to the bottom two A4C pay points to match the salary of a top of Band 2 which equates to a 7.8% increase for 2023-24


This is in addition to the 1.5% unconsolidated and 1.5% consolidated payment agreed in March 2023 which came following the £1400 payment imposed for 22/23 pay last September. 


UNISON NHS members in Wales will now have their say on this new offer via an email ballot which begins on Monday. 


UNISON’s position


A special Cymru / Wales health committee agreed this week that UNISON would recommend acceptance of the offer based on it being best achievable by negotiation in Wales. Furthermore, if the award is not agreed by health unions there is a risk of losing what is currently on offer. Please be clear with members that this offer is a direct negotiation with Welsh Government, not the usual Pay Review Body process, therefore, implementation is contingent on health workers in Wales voting in favour of the offer. 


Please respect the democratic position of the health committee in your communications with members.


We know that what’s on offer isn't all that health workers want in the current cost living crisis, but will go some way to getting much a needed pay increase to members as soon as possible, as well as providing certainty over their consolidated 23/24 pay. 


The offer contains a commitment to pay restoration to 2008 levels which UNISON Cymru / Wales will continue to campaign for using every means open to us at branch and Wales social partnership level. 


Next steps


Members will receive an email from us on Monday at the start of the three-week consultation containing their voting link and all the information they need to make an informed decision.  Our mandate on whether to accept this award will come directly from members. 


In the meantime, please feel free to update your members. Anything in this email can be shared.  Full information will be uploaded onto our Cymru Wales website in the coming days ahead of the consultation. 



Jess Turner

Head of Bargaining and Campaigns

UNISON Cymru Wales


The NEC makes decisions on your behalf and, working collectively, they must put UNISON members’ interests first – please use your vote

Delegates from Cardiff & Vale UNISON Health Branch addressing this year's Health Conference at Bournmouth.


Branch Chair and Equalities Officer, Dawn Ward, spoke about safer staffing levels in the NHS (Motion 33).


Branch Disabled Members Officer, Steve Gauci, spoke about mental health and wellbeing of branch officers and rep's (Composite B - Motion 21, 22).


Disabled members Officer, Steve Gauci, addressing conference about working from home and the cost of living crisis (Motion 13).


Welsh Regional Delegates at this year's annual UNISON Health Conference in Bournmouth.


Conference debates ambulance and privatisation issues and discusses how to make the union ‘ballot ready’

19 April 2023

Health workers and activists on the brink

UNISON health conference is told: ‘Everyone in this room is carrying the trauma of the last three years’


Four motions on pay covering the recent NHS offer, the pay review body, flat rate pay uplifts and a nurses only pay spine, were debated in Bournemouth


Campaigns on overtime, reducing the working week and protecting the NHS pension were among the other key topics discussed by delegates

latest pay Circular 2022/23

A record number of public sector workers joined the UNISON Cymru/Wales union in 2022 as the cost-of-living crisis deepened and wages remained low.




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How should Wales be run in future?

In August last year, UNISON responded to a Welsh government consultation on the constitutional future of Wales. Our submission was guided by the comments of UNISON members in focus groups and wider: Wales needs much greater devolution of powers.

We’ve turned our submission into a bilingual pamphlet for branches to debate and discuss this live issue, the way we are governed and the society we want to build.

Read the pamphlet

Next steps

We are keen for you to discuss this pamphlet in your branch committee and we’d like to hear your opinion. Tell us how Wales should be run in future, email You can also ask your councillors, Members of the Senedd and MP for their views and response to this UNISON pamphlet.


Unison Women's Conference 2023

Six reasons to join UNISON

#HeartUNISON is part of Heart Unions Week, 13-19 February, the TUC's annual, campaigning week of events that celebrate unions, communicate why we're vital for everyone at work – and encourage new people to join. 

This new film gives six reasons to join UNISON. Many more campaigning tips and resources can be found on the #HeartUNISON webpage.




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Share the film



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#HeartUNISON events page



NEC hears of ongoing industrial action across the union

The first national executive council (NEC) meeting of 2023 heard a long list of industrial action that members are currently taking part in, across the UK, over pay. The NEC also discussed the union's campaign against the Westminster government's draconian anti-strike bill. 

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Read more


Cardiff TUC Rally, Central Square 1/2/23


Hundreds of trade unionists gathered for major rallies to protect the right to strike in Cardiff and Swansea.


We have today published a round-up of all the incredible rallies held in Wales yesterday to support the right to strike.


The story is available here and also on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.


Please take a look, like and share as this will make a huge difference.


Important pensions info:

Dear All


Staff will be aware that the 2022/3 pay rates will apply from tomorrow’s pay date, however, they may not realise that the pension contribution rates have also been reviewed in line with the pay increase as per the NHS Pensions Agency rules.


As a consequence there will be a change in pension contribution tiers for staff in Bands 3, 5 and 8a and these are backdated to 1 April which means that:  

  • staff in Band 3 and Band 5 will see an overall increase in their September pay, but for some (depending on length of service)  this may be less than many will be expecting given the pay award
  • staff at entry level (ie less than 5 years service) at Band 8a will actually have a reduction in salary in September 2022 because the pay award increase is actually less than the increase in their pension contributions.   


However, please note that there are new pension rates for these bands from 1 October 2022 which will see the % contribution reduce for these bands.   This means that for Band 8a entry level staff they will see an increase from their August salary but not until October.   


I appreciate that this is complicated but the attached guidance provides further information about how the September salary will be affected.    Also attached is information about the new rates coming into force from 1 October which includes a link to more information from NHS Employers.   


Please can you share this information asap with team members, especially those who may see a drop in salary when they are paid tomorrow.  


Finally, please note that within Wales we have introduced a means for staff who are experiencing hardship as a consequence of these changes to receive an advance of up to £200 to be repaid over 1-5 months.     Please can you make staff aware of this and if appropriate arrange the advance and repayment by using the attached authorisation form and forwarding it





Rachel Pressley


Dirprwy Bennaeth Sicrwydd a Phrofiad y Bobl  | Deputy Head of People Assurance and Experience

Pobl a Diwylliant  | People and Culture

Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Caerdydd a’r Fro | Cardiff and Vale University Health Board


Ty Coetir                               Woodland House

Ffordd Maes Y Coed        Maes Y Coed Road

Caerdydd                              Cardiff 

CF14 4HH                              CF14 4HH


Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn y Gymraeg neu’r Saesneg
We welcome correspondence in Welsh or English

NHS Pension Scheme contribution rate changes (England and Wales)



From 1 October the amount that members of the NHS pension scheme pay into the scheme may change when changes to the contribution rates come into effect. These changes may affect monthly take-home pay.

Employer contributions remain at 20.6% of pensionable earnings each month. The amount of pension received in retirement will not be affected by these changes.

NHS Employers have materials, including posters, about the new contribution rates.

Branches should ensure employers are communicating the impact of these changes to scheme members.






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Read the key messages to staff from NHS Employers


Hi All 


Please find link below regards the impending pension contributions increases for the majority of membership and link to NHS employers which covers Wales from the pension perspective. Have also attached the employer messages. This can be used in conversations with members  as another reason why £1,400 is not enough.

What will the NHS pay award mean for me?

Peter is living on bread and soup! See the tv news interview on the link below:

FINAL 220722 EM PN NHS pay review.docx
Microsoft Word document [21.5 KB]
Written Statement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [144.9 KB]

Report on Unison Health Conference 2022

Monday 25th -   Wednesday 27th April.

By Bill Salter

Health Conference Bill Salter Report 202[...]
Microsoft Word document [970.7 KB]

UHB’s People and Culture Plan 2022-2025

Adobe Acrobat document [2.2 MB]
2021 - Pay Enhancements - 02_2021 - PDF.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [405.1 KB]

Our local services face catastrophic cuts. Help us stand up for them and take action now

Brand new: Crumbling to dust in front of our eyes

We've made an exciting new film to highlight how our vital local services are disappearing, in front of our very eyes – and how we can all help save them. And it launches today!

Encourage your members to watch and share the film, email their MP (or MSP or AM) and find out how bad the cuts are where they live.

Our exciting new film – watch and share
Email your MP now – it takes seconds
Where you live – what are the cuts like?
The campaign page – all the stuff you need









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From Cardiff to Chad: An incredible journey!


The remarkable story of how a nurse from Cardiff & Vale UHB saved hundreds of thousands of lives and earned herself an MBE.


Angela also happened to be an officer of Cardiff & Vale Unison Health Branch.


Read the inspiring story of Angela Gorman: 


From Cardiff to Chad: a neonatal nurse’s extraordinary career

UNISON launches new guide on pension fund engagement and divestment from companies involved in the occupation of Palestine


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Dear Colleague,




Nine Welsh local authorities have already signed up to the Robin Hood Tax. Is your council one of them? We want all UNISON Cymru Wales branches to encourage their councils, AM and MP to sign up to the Robin Hood Tax, which could potentially deliver millions of pounds for public services in Wales.


Robin Hood Tax resources are attached for your use.


The PowerPoint presentation is also attached and below is a link to the councillor’s hub with model motions and briefings etc.


With best wishes,


Dominic MacAskill 
Regional Manager Rheolwr Rhanbarthol 
The Courtyard / Y Libart 
Wind Street 
Swansea / Abertawe 
SA1 1DP 
Phone / ffon: 01792 483918
e-mail / e-bost:



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