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Each meeting is scheduled for 1/2 hour duration and all members are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Due to the Corona Virus it is not possible to hold face to face meeting as normal so these meetings will be held Virtually.




To join the meetings members are required to download the


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Women in key worker positions across Wales are losing sleep, spending more on household bills, and worrying about the pandemic’s impact on their children’s education and mental health, according to a survey published today (Wednesday) by UNISON. The findings are based on responses from over 2,700 women including teaching assistants, nurses, council workers and police staff. They provide a comprehensive […]

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It is important that you keep your personal details up to date.



Have you moved address, changed your telephone number or email address?



If you have you need to update this information by either:


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Vaccinate, don’t hesitate!

UNISON’s junior vice president, James Anthony, answers questions about being vaccinated against COVID-19

UNISON doesn’t think that people should be forced to be vaccinated, but the union is encouraging members to get the vaccine when they have the chance. Vice president James Anthony – a frontline NHS worker – has had his first dose, so we fired a few questions in his direction.

James, you’re a frontline worker in a hospital and you’ve been caring for COVID patients during the pandemic – what’s that been like?

I’m a nurse specialist and, in the first peak, I was mostly doing a lot of advice work with our patients, many of whom were very scared, while also looking after my heart patients who became poorly during that time.

I felt relatively protected compared to my colleagues on COVID wards and intensive care, but it was important work. As we’ve hit the high numbers this time, the big difference is that the hospital is still full of other patients.

I’ve been back on the wards doing whatever is needed – a lot of which is delivering quality essential care such as helping patients wash or eat. As nurses, we need more and more technical and advanced skills, but there’s nothing more important that the essentials of care.

It’s also meant working alongside colleagues who are exhausted and still haven’t recovered from the first wave, and who are too often also dealing themselves with the loss of other staff to the virus.

When did you have the vaccine?

I had my jab as soon as I could get it, and it was about two weeks after they started giving them. They’re making sure absolutely none are wasted. At our hospital they’re giving the Pfizer vaccine so, once it’s out of the deep freeze, there’s a limited time to get it into someone’s arm. As you can see from the photo, I had to strip off because my scrubs were too tight!

Did you have any reaction to it?

I had a pretty sore arm for a couple of days, and maybe felt a bit more tired.  I was okay as long as I didn’t lift my arm up, and my team who had it at the same time thought I was being a bit of a wimp!

Some people are concerned that it only took a year to create, when vaccines usually take much longer: why was this so speedy and does that compromise its safety?

It certainly has been quick – I’m no expert, but I’m confident that it’s safe. They had been working on the vaccine technology for years to try and deal with SARS and MERS, which are both types of coronavirus, so they weren’t starting from a blank sheet of paper.

The speed comes from giving it all the money and time needed, without the usual long waits for grant applications and approvals: getting vaccines vaccines came before everything else. They were able to recruit a huge amount of people to the studies very quickly, which means they’ve been tested on as many people as you would usually expect and been monitored for as long as new drugs are usually.

So basically, there was already work going on which could be adapted for COVID-19 and it’s amazing what can be achieved with focus and a lot of money!

When people are offered the vaccine, what would you say to them?

I’d say get it! The vaccines really are the only way out. They’re safe and they might save your life and there’s a good hope they help protect those around you too.

What would your message be to members on both the lockdowns and vaccine?

It’s been a really tough year and it’s been hard not to see our families and friends. But as members, we see the importance of the lockdowns and restrictions as we see the vulnerable in society that need protecting.

So I’d say stick with it – get the vaccine and talk to your friends and family about getting it too when they have the chance – and let’s have a drink together when we can!

Desperate for a good news story?


Here’s one and UNISON is right at the heart of it:


 #HeartUNISON Princess of Wales hospital



EU nationals in Welsh public services need your help!


Many still need to apply for settled status, allowing them to remain here because of Brexit, but Covid has delayed them making applications and time is running out. UNISON is calling for the deadline to be extended.


Have you taken two minutes to write to your MP using UNISON Cymru Wales’ special website which generates and sends an automatic letter calling for the deadline extension?


Our campaign has been reported in the Western Mail, ‘Union campaign to help EU nationals’ (see attached) and Morning Star,

Government urged to extend deadline for the post-Brexit Settled Status scheme, quoting UNISON Cymru Wales members Chiara Caserotti and Manuela Hughes, along with regional manager Bethan Thomas.


Our campaign has been enthusiastically endorsed by new UNISON general secretary, Christina McAnea; there’s an article on the UK UNISON website, UNISON calls for deadline extension for settled status and it was reported in the Activist bulletin sent to members all over the UK.


Union will push government to prioritise the ‘forgotten key workers’ in the vaccine rollout


The Government has published its response which sought views on the proposed remedy option for correcting the unlawful discrimination determined in the Court of Appeal’s McCloud judgement.


Union’s NEC hears that it is not possible to commit to usual schedule due to ongoing COVID-19 disruption

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NHS Pay campaign - video messages for Rishi Sunak

Everyone has a story to tell of the hard work and dedication that has kept the NHS running during the pandemic. We want Chancellor Rishi Sunak to hear these stories ahead of the budget in March. We're asking health workers to submit short videos about their experiences of working during coronavirus. We’ll include as many as possible in a hard-hitting film calling on the Chancellor to fund the pay rise all NHS staff deserve and share it far and wide ahead of the budget.  
Please encourage members in your branch to share their stories in a short video. Using a mobile or tablet it’s quick and easy, and there’s a step-by-step tool to help, including suggestions on what to say.

Access the video message tool

Heart Unions week isn’t silly self-indulgence – it’s a chance for us to grow, be stronger and achieve more for our members



8 – 14 February 2021


Add to calendar


Heart UNISON is part of Heart Unions Week, the TUC’s annual event to celebrate unions, to make sure everyone knows why we’re vital at work, and to encourage everyone to join one.

Louder, better, safer, stronger

The more of us in UNISON there are…

the louder our collective voice will be with employers and the government..

the better we can demonstrate the importance of public services and represent their diverse and dedicated workforce…

the safer we can make workplaces and working conditions all over the UK…

and the stronger we can make our rights at work – not just defending them but progressing them.

So that’s at least four great reasons to spend Heart Unions Week talking proudly about everything unions have achieved, and why it’s the perfect time to ask your colleagues to join UNISON. Here’s how you can help share the love throughout Heart Unions Week – there are loads of ideas below!

Click here to tweet why you heart UNISON (and share a "louder, better, safer, stronger" gif!)

Don’t forget to edit the tweet to add your own reason!

Reach out and recruit with our top tips

Easy Joiner for quick, online sign-ups

Answering the question ‘What is a trade union, anyway?’

Public displays of affection

We’ve got plenty of graphics and printable materials so you can get ready to show UNISON off on noticeboards, around your workplace and on social media using the hashtags #HeartUnions and #HeartUNISON. We’ll be sharing throughout the week so please join in!

Get the graphics

Get materials from the UNISON Shop

Love of learning

Promote our union’s best-kept secret – our fantastic member learning opportunities. Coming up soon are workshops on issues like grief and bereavement, autism, dementia and mental health.

Actions speak louder than words

Let’s make sure everyone knows what our union is winning for workers – and what we can achieve if we campaign together.

Heart Unions Week is a great chance to share ongoing national, local and workplace campaigns, as well as recent wins. What’s your success story of the year? Tell everyone about it!

A few ideas:

Tender loving care

UNISON’s unique welfare charity, There for You, offers a much-needed safety net for members going through tough times.


Privatisation and outsourcing have failed the public and workers 

A £2,000 pay rise for all NHS workers across Wales would boost morale amid unrelenting pandemic pressures, says UNISON today (Wednesday). The union is calling ​on the government ​to deliver an early and significant wage increase ​– of at least £2,000 ​– to show staff are valued as they face unprecedented hospital admissions. ​A recent UNISON survey shows ​more than nine out of ten NHS staff […]

Dear Rishi, it's time to step up.

Exhausted, stressed out, traumatised [1].

NHS staff are putting their health and wellbeing on the line to provide care in exceptionally difficult circumstances. Yet the government still hasn’t given people working in the NHS the thanks they deserve: a decent pay rise. 

Chancellor Rishi Sunak can change this at the budget in March. He could provide funding for all health workers to get a minimum £2k pay rise, or he could keep pushing the prospect of a pay rise further and further into the future.

We’ve not got long to make sure Rishi does the right thing. If NHS staff and the public come together to create a huge show of support for a proper pay rise ahead of the budget, the chancellor will feel the pressure.  

So if you think health workers deserve a proper pay rise will you sign the open letter to Rishi Sunak and share your story of NHS stepping up and giving their all? It will only take a minute: 

Sign the open letter

Even before the pandemic hit, the NHS was held together with the hard work and dedication of health workers. But over the last year, people working in the NHS have been stretched to the limits and pushed to the brink.

A decent pay rise isn’t just about thanking NHS staff for everything they’ve done, it’s about making sure people get the pay and recognition they deserve – and stay working in the NHS when the coronavirus crisis passes [2].

NHS workers deserve a decent pay rise, and the public agrees. But to make it happen, we’ll need to turn the pressure on the politicians. A year into this crisis, claps and warm words are not enough.  

It's time to send a clear message: NHS staff have stepped up, now it’s time for the chancellor to do the same and fund a minimum £2k pay rise for all health workers.

Add your name to the open letter to Rishi Sunak today: 

Sign the open letter
Find out more about our 
pay campaign: One Team 2K
Download and print 
the campaign poster


[1] BBC: Covid: Many NHS staff 'traumatised' by first wave of virus, study shows 
The Independent: Mental health of NHS staff placed under further strain as Covid hospitalisations continue to rise 

[2] UNSION: Pay rise immediately would reassure undervalued staff to stay in NHS 

UNISON launches new guide on pension fund engagement and divestment from companies involved in the occupation of Palestine



Mental health


More coverage for our recent press release, this time in the Denbighshire Free Press: ''Public service workers are burnt out'': Trade union meets mental health minister to press for further support, UNISON Cymru Wales lead officer for mental health, Carmen Bezzina, quoted. This story also appeared in the North Wales Chronicle; North Wales Pioneer and Rhyl Journal, previously circulated.


Carmen Bezzina, UNISON Cymru Wales lead officer for mental health   UNISON last week met with Wales’ mental health minister, Eluned Morgan, to press the case for urgent and comprehensive mental support for any public service worker in need. The trade union says the Covid pandemic has placed unpreceded pressures on many public service workers […]

One of our own, UNISON member Denise Charles has been seriously ill with Covid and she also lost her mother to the virus. She urgently wants people to know her story so they take the essential steps to protect their own personal safety and the safety of their local community. Denise talks to the Daily Post about how Covid has ripped her family apart; the tireless efforts of healthcare staff working round the clock and she thanks them for their dedication. 


Denise also wishes to send her thanks to all her UNISON friends for their support and being there for her.


Woman left fighting for life in intensive care days after seeing family 'ripped apart' by Covid, Daily Post


Covid-19 hub


Get the latest updates and advice on the coronavirus.

Click the image to open.


A pay rise is vital if the NHS is to be ‘fighting fit’

‘Now, more than ever, it’s vitally important that the work of the entire NHS family is recognised and celebrated’, says UNISON





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Branch Officer Positions



Stewards & Officers Annual Reports  Reports available on request

by emailing our office: or Website: or Cardiff & Vale Unison App

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To Receive a Report on Honoraria for :

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  • ●  B. Salter ● Auditor



Covid-19 and the future


The meeting will be followed by a brief APF meeting










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Thursday 11th March


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***Saturday 13th March


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Half of all staff absences are Covid related

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Working parents – particularly mothers – are in an impossible situation this lockdown. UNISON is calling for paid parental leave to support them

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Worried about your finances? UNISON can help

UNISON can offer a range of financial assistance for members – ranging from specific COVID-19 grants to debt advice, benefits advice and winter fuel grants

10 January 2021 
Embargo: 00:01hrs Monday 11 January 2021 


Thank NHS staff with proper pay rise, say health unions 


Football pundit Gary Lineker, comedian Jo Brand and Hollywood star David Oyelowo are among celebrities backing a fair pay campaign launched today (Monday) by health unions. 


To mark International Thank You Day, the 14 unions are urging the public to use social media to champion the vital work of all health staff by supporting a decent pay rise.   


The unions – representing workers including 1.3 million nurses, cleaners, administrators, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, dieticians, radiographers, porters, midwives, paramedics, and other NHS employees – are asking people to share hashtags such as #FairPay, and to message their MPs.   


Also taking part on the day will be DJ Annie Mac, TV presenter Konnie Huq, and Deborah Meaden, the Dragon’s Den investor and businesswoman.  


A video released to mark the event features a diverse range of the staff who keep the NHS running and continue to do so through the pandemic.   


UNISON head of health Sara Gorton, who also chairs the NHS group of unions, said: “The NHS is facing the worst crisis in its history.   


“Everyone is relying on health workers in many different roles to see us through. Clapping has been a way of showing support, but the government now needs to pay up.” 


Chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing Donna Kinnair said: “Last year, nursing staff were buoyed by overwhelming public gratitude. Today presents a new and different way to display that same strength of feeling. 


“But health care staff need to hear long after today there’s public support to treat them better, recognise their skill and pay them fairly.”


Executive director for external relations at the Royal College of Midwives Jon Skewes, who is also treasurer for the NHS group of unions, said: “NHS staff are currently holding the country together. They’re facing a challenge like never before, which is made worse by staffing shortages.  

“The government needs to act now to acknowledge their contribution and commitment. Ministers must give staff an early and significant pay rise that would help restore their pay in real terms. It would also ensure there are enough staff to future-proof the NHS."


Notes to editors:  
- International Thank You Day will go live at 9am on Monday 11 January 2021.  
- Click here to watch the video featuring health staff.  
- The 14 NHS unions are: British Association of Occupational Therapists, British Dietetic Association, British Orthoptic Society, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, College of Podiatry, Federation of Clinical Scientists, GMB, Managers in Partnership, Prison Officers Association, Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Nursing, Society of Radiographers, UNISON and Unite. 


Media contacts:
UNISON M: 07778 158175 E:
RCN T: 0207 647 3633 E:
RCM T: 0207 312 3456 E:


Stay up to date with our branch app!



Scan the QR code below to download.




App created by

NHS Pay – #OneTeam2k

Health News - keep up to date with all things health care.


In this edition of Health News:


  • Read our one team 2k branch update

  • Learn about the new developments regarding the immunisation of NHS staff

  • Find out how we're keeping abreast of the vaccination rollout, and more

We hope you find this newsletter informative and useful.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch

Kind regards,

UNISON Health Team


One team 2k pay update for branches 
The latest COVID surge is leaving health staff across the UK exhausted and stretched to breaking point, strengthening our case that staff deserve an early pay rise of at least £2k.

Right now, branches and members have limited time to campaign on pay, but public support for NHS staff is as strong as ever. Please read the update for branches on our pay strategy. Also the joint union #WithNHSstaff campaign is mobilising public support for NHS pay.   
Our next scheduled Two Days for 2k campaign activity is 27-29 January. We will update you on virtual actions you can promote easily and quickly during the Two Days, even where workplace activities are difficult to organise.
Read the branch update

Immunisation of NHS staff – January 2021 update
The programme to immunise NHS staff against COVID-19 is continuing.

There have been some important developments in recent weeks which it will be useful for health branches to know about.

We have updated our FAQs for branches with further information.
Read the updated FAQs

Vaccination workforce
Mass population vaccination is being rolled out by the government at speed. UNISON continues to raise questions about how the vaccination workforce will be operated and managed. 

We are expecting publication of a Standard Operating Procedure and some FAQs for England, which will give more details and we will provide these to branches as soon as possible. Different arrangements for the vaccination workforce might apply in the devolved administrations.

Your input needed: EHRC inquiry on racial inequality and Covid
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is conducting a formal inquiry into racial inequality in health and social care workplaces which covers England, Scotland and Cymru/Wales. It focuses on low paid workers looking at race, employment status, immigration status and working conditions – and the consequences of that through the pandemic.

We are working with colleagues on a comprehensive UNISON response. The EHRC has powers to make formal recommendations so this is a good opportunity to raise important issues including outsourcing and the effects of structural racism.

Please share any experiences or views you have on this – however anecdotal – by end of January.
Inquiry terms of reference

Overseas nurses joining the NMC temporary register
The NMC is operating a temporary emergency register to allow groups of staff to assist in the response to COVID-19, and they are inviting thousands more nurses from overseas (who have not yet completed the process for full registration) to join.

The majority of these nurses will be in acute trusts in England.

It is extremely important these nurses are well supported and in contact with UNISON if possible. We have produced guidance for them which your branch can order and share.

Please encourage any overseas nurses you have contact with to attend our webinar for online advice from UNISON on 18 January.
Download and share our guidance for overseas nurses
(Share the link to) register for our webinar

Shielding staff and vaccination
Some employers in England have sought to require shielding staff to return to work after their first vaccination dose.

This has been raised with NHS Employers – who have confirmed that:

Irrespective of whether they have been vaccinated in accordance with national guidelines, those who are shielding are to be advised to continue to do so.”

You may find this useful if this comes up locally.
Read the NHS Employers advice (scroll down to ‘Staff vaccination and shielding CEV staff’)

Violence is not part of the job! New standard published
A new Violence Prevention and Reduction Standard has been agreed and published, via the Social Partnership Forum (England). 

The Violence Prevention and Reduction Standard provides an agreed framework under which UNISON Branches Health and Safety reps have a role in partnership in making workplaces safer for staff and patients. Although the standard is for the NHS in England, the principles and advice may be applicable to branches in devolved administrations.

Visit our website (update pending due to COVID) for a new branch guide and campaign materials, including social media graphics and a posterOrder yours and put one in every workplace.
Visit our “No NHS Violence” webpage

Read the latest Unison Welfare Newsletter here:

Welfare Newsletter Dec 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [954.3 KB]

Recruitment/Engagement Event


All Recrutment/Engagement events have been suspended for the forseeable future!


You can still join online or by asking your local rep.





UNISON Wales has been in ongoing discussions with employers at local and all Wales levels, and also with Welsh Government Ministers, seeking agreement that all staff who are required by their employer to work from home, should be paid an allowance by their employer to cover the extra costs incurred by home working. Since the […]

Tax allowance home working.docx
Microsoft Word document [24.7 KB]
R214 AtW MHSS A5 leaflet for employers a[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [209.5 KB]

How one of our rep's, Angela Gorman, went on to become CEO of Life for African Mothers and earned herself an MBE in the process.



Read Angela's story here

Microsoft Word document [13.7 KB]



COVID-19 has shone a light on the importance of workplace safety hasn't it?


Health and Safety at work in Wales has never been more important.

 Why are we saying this?  Well, Health and Safety at work is always important, but the world has changed a lot in the last 6 months and we are all experiencing changes in the ways we work.  We all have a lot going on with adjusting to constantly changing guidance so right now, it is more important than ever.  



UNISON has been at the forefront of all negotiations with Welsh Government and employers about keeping public sector workers safe.  No one understands those workplaces better than the people who work in them, which is why we have launched our new campaign, Be on the Safe Side, to support new Health and Safety reps across Wales.


 We need people like you to help keep your workplace safe. 

I want to help keep my workplace safe

Health and Safety reps provide staff a formal way to raise their concerns about safety at work.  They work with employers to make workplaces safer places for everyone.  You don't have to be an expert already - UNISON Health and Safety reps are fully trained and entitled to time off for this training.

Do you think you and your colleagues would benefit from some Health and Safety support from Wales' largest trade union? 

Yes, tell me how we can help

So wherever you work, whatever you do, we want to support you and your colleagues to be on the safe side.


NHS Wales


COVID – 19 (Coronavirus)

Frequently Asked Questions for NHS Managers and Employees FAQs up to date as at 15.00, 1 October 2020


FAQ's v7.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [368.5 KB]

Government must put system in hands of public health bodies

The UNISON NHS Pay claim -


One Team2k was agreed by UNISON Health Service Group Executive - a committee of UNISON activists across the UK who all work in the NHS, back in June and we were the first union to formally launch a pay claim back in July.


A lot of thought was put in to the 2k for All figure which we believe is affordable and achievable. UNISON also surveyed our NHS members on our proposed pay claim and of those that responded over 84% agreed with a 2k pay claim and also with an early settlement this year instead of waiting until April 2021.


UNISON was the first union to formally lodge our claim in writing with the UK Prime Minister. UNISON had hoped for a joint unions approach on Pay but unfortunately other unions have set their own figures, which some believe are unachievable and unrealistic in the current economic climate.


Most unions initial position was 5% but then this changed recently to a higher figure.


UNISON has remained consistent that 2k for All AFC staff means no one gets a pound more or less than anyone else.


We have calculated our pay claim to cost £3.4b.


UNISON is a member led union with members making the decisions on key issues that affect them.


UNISON is the largest trade union in the UK, the largest Health union in the UK and the largest trade union in Wales.


Please advise the member of the above information and also to the UNISON website for more info on our NHS Pay claim .


General secretary election |    Ask a friend to join   |    View in a browser
U digital... from UNISON
Nurse sitting at computer
Learning through lockdown and beyond

With the economic impact of coronavirus already hitting hard, learning and knowledge are going to be more important than ever, and UNISON is actively supporting members to be as skilled as possible. 

Check out the latest edition of the union's dedicated learning magazine, ULearn, which is available online now, featuring:

  • learning in lockdown with the online skills academy
  • dealing with trauma
  • how UNISON supports its members.
And visit UNISON's dedicated learning website to find a course that suits you.
Latest edition of ULearn
UNISON Learning

Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]


Contact the branch for details.

Resource for Staff working/ shielding at home

Living and working well.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.2 MB]
New guidance on RIDDOR

NHS Employers have published two flow charts to help employers identify when they should report COVID-19 under RIDDOR (Reporting Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) based on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance. 

There is also advice on NHS E/I formal reporting in the event of the death of an NHS worker. Branches should check employers are aware and continue to encourage members to report incidents of COVID-19 exposure.

RIDDOR and HSE apply across the UK, so the NHS Employers flow charts will be of relevance and interest to all the devolved administrations.

NHS Employers COVID-19 sickness absence advice
HSE RIDDOR reporting of COVID-19
Help for members
Graphic with rainbow and words: COVID-19 response fund we're there for you
COVID-19 response fund launched

There for You is UNISON’s unique charity, set up to help members in difficulties – and this year, the COVID-19 crisis is making life harder for many of our already-stretched members.

The welfare charity has set up a special fund to respond to calls for help because of the pandemic, with £250,000 set aside for members in need. Our members can only apply for a grant if they know about it so please share as widely as you can.

Watch and share our film on the fund on Twitter
Watch and share our film on the fund on Facebook
Read more about the launch
Find out more about the fund and how members can apply
PPE: Help save lives
Our members in care, the NHS and other vital public services have risen to the challenge of dealing with this pandemic.

But many feel they are  being forced to put themselves in harm’s way every time they go to work because this government is not keeping its promises on personal protective equipment (PPE).
Sign and share our petition calling for PPE not promises
Coronavirus: latest advice and updates
It's good to talk – especially now
Wakefield local government branch has taken an innovative approach to welcoming its surge of new members during COVID-19.
Read the full article
COVID-19 affects Black and women workers worse
Anyone can be infected by COVID-19. But it’s increasingly clear that that’s where the equality ends.
Read the full story

Wellbeing guides



Food and Mental Wellbeing during Covid_L[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [98.6 KB]
EatWellSpendLessCOVID (V3).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.4 KB]

Here are the posters and the most up to date PPE info 

PDF File [1.9 MB]
Adobe Acrobat document [244.7 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [238.4 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [331.5 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [142.8 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [189.2 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [187.2 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [200.9 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [187.8 KB]

Welsh nurse's heartfelt plea for more personal protective equipment so they can return to families 'unscathed' after pandemic, UNISON Swansea Bay Health branch's Libby Nolan video featured and regional secretary Tanya Palmer quoted, Wales Online.


Welsh heath and care workers have no access to PPE, Unison Cymru says, regional secretary Tanya Palmer quoted, Morning Star



Health workers feel 'actively discouraged' to protect themselves over PPE supply fears, references open letter from healthcare workers endorsed by UNISON, ITV Wales

CORVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions


Self Isolating

Typical Questions 

I have an underlying health conditions should I be self isolating?

My Partner/child has an underlying health conditions should I be self isolating?

I am aged over 70 should I be self isolating?

I am in at risk group as identified by the UK Government should I be self Isolating?

I am pregnant, should I be self Isolating?



If you have an underlying health conditions and you are not sure about attending work go to for guidance then speak to your line manager.

Do not contact Occupational Health!



Typical Questions

What is the situation with PPE?

We think we need more or better PPE?

We have no face masks available in our section what should we do?

Staff in my area are being told not to wear masks as there are not enough to go round.


The Health Board is receiving large amounts of PPE on a daily basis. The situation within the Health Board is being monitored and reviewed daily. If you think your area has insufficient PPE speak to your line manager.




Ive been told that I will have to work in another area, do I have to change where I work?

Ive been told that I will have to work on another site, do I have to change sites?



We are in unprecedented times which means that the Health Board has to change and evolve to meet the challenge of Corvid 19, this will often mean redeployment of staff to meet the demand and it is expected that staff will cooperate where possible. If you have issues about a proposed redeployment speak to your line manager in the first instance.


Change of duties


I’ve been told that I will have to do different and unfamiliar work is that right?



Given the challenge of Corvid 19 which we all face, this will often mean staff are asked to meet the demand by being flexible and adapt to the necessary changes, it is expected that staff will cooperate where possible. Staff will not be expected to work beyond their pay grade! If you have issues about a proposed change to your work speak to your line manager in the first instance.


Working from home


The government has said that everyone who can should be working from home, does that apply to NHS staff?

I don’t see patients why can’t I work from home?


Working from home


Child care issues

I have young children and no one to look after them while I’m in work what should I do?




As NHS staff you are identified as a Key Worker by the UK government and therefore schools will be open for your child even though all schools are technically closed for the foreseeable future. Check your Local Authority website for details about provision for your child.


Please keep checking the website for the latest factual updates!


Unsocial hours payments


The Minister has agreed the reinstatement of the unsocial hours payments from day one for a temporary period and to enable the release of the ‘held’ back pay. 

pastedGraphic.pngREGIONAL HEALTH COMMITTEE  1/2020

(This is an occasional Newsletter for Branch Secretaries in Health)


Sick Pay (25th March 2020)


Update for all Regional Health Committee delegates:

Due to the current situation regarding corona virus, the Health Minister has agreed to the reinstatement of the unsocial hours payments from day one for a temporary period.  The Minister has also agreed to enable the release of any ‘held’ back pay. 

We will be working with Welsh Government to update the FAQs and to arrange for release of the payments.

Student Nurse 

England have agreed guidelines for Student Nurses which were circulated last week.  We are currently awaiting confirmation of the position in Wales.



We know that there are problems about PPE and Tanya Palmer our Regional Secretary, is daily letting the Welsh Government know our concerns.  Can you let us know if your members face further problems over the next week.

Donna Hutton, 

Acting Head of Health

Coronavirus Guidance and Advice from the UHB

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The 'Save Barry Hospital Ward' petition is live on the Welsh Government website. Please take a moment to sign and join our campaign to defend the Hospital ward."


Dear Colleague,




Nine Welsh local authorities have already signed up to the Robin Hood Tax. Is your council one of them? We want all UNISON Cymru Wales branches to encourage their councils, AM and MP to sign up to the Robin Hood Tax, which could potentially deliver millions of pounds for public services in Wales.


Robin Hood Tax resources are attached for your use.


The PowerPoint presentation is also attached and below is a link to the councillor’s hub with model motions and briefings etc.


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