Pay Enhancement – Additional Day annual leave in ESR


IBM have confirmed they will universally change the accrual rate in ESR to raise entitlements to 28-30-34 days for the financial year 2021/2022 in either February or March 2022 (confirmed date awaited).  This will automatically update entitlements in ESR for 2021/2022 and in readiness for the year 2022/2023 onward.   Therefore no manual ESR intervention required by local Workforce Information Managers, who have also been informed.  Further comms will be available in due course



Welsh Government pay circular





Our Ref: Pay Letter AFC, M&D & ESP (W) 01/2021 December 2021

This pay circular informs employers of the pay and annual leave arrangements for employees covered by the Agenda for Change, Medical and Dental and Executive and Senior Pay terms and conditions.


  1. To pay a one off non-consolidated additional payment of 1% for those on Agenda for Change bands 1-5, and the F1 doctors who fall into this pay bands. This payment would not be pro rata and other criteria is set out in Annex A

  2. To amend the bottom spine point for those on Agenda for Change (AfC) band 2 and the pay point for band 1 from April 2021 to £18,731 from the 1st April 2021

  3. An additional day’s annual leave will be added to the current contractual entitlements for all staff. This additional day will be pro rata and will be recurrent in future years.

    If staff are unable to take their additional entitlement in the current leave year 2021/22 then it should either be carried forward over and above any organisational limits into the 2022/23 leave year or sold back if preferred by the staff.

  4. Employers will put a scheme in place for staff to sell back a proportion of unused annual leave which will be in place before the end of the 2021/22 leave year. Details of arrangements are outlined in Annex B.


  1. Employers should direct enquiries to:

  2. Copies of this circular can be downloaded from the HOWIS website.

page1image5770496 page1image5771952

Yours sincerely,


Helen Arthur

Director of Workforce and Corporate Business Cyfarwyddwr y Gweithlu a Busnes Corfforaethol



Annex A


1% Non-consolidated Payment to Agenda for Change Bands 1 to 5 and F1’s 


Eligibility criteria

This is a non-consolidated and non-pensionable payment and does not uprate any hourly rates.

  •   1% of eligible pay points as at 1st April 2021, i.e Band 3 step £20,330 is £203 or Band 5 step £27,780 is £277

  •   Payments will be based on an individual’s full time salary as at 1st December 2021

  •   To be paid to all eligible staff on payroll as at the 1st December 2021

  •   Payments to also be made to those who moved from Band 5’s and F1’s between

    the 1st April and 30th November 2021 who are still on payroll as at 1st December


  •   To be paid to all substantive staff only, not including bank, locum, ad hoc

  •   To include those on a Fix Term Contract regardless of length of contract

  •   Not to pro rata the payment

  •   New starters after the 1st December will not receive the payment

  •   Staff on sick, maternity, parental leave included

  •   Staff on career breaks not to be included




    Annex B
  • Selling back of Annual leave

    Employers will put a scheme in place for staff to sell back a proportion of unused annual leave which will be in place before the end of the 2021/22 leave year.

    This will include arrangements to sell back all of their unused annual leave which was carried over from 2020/21 leave year.

    For the leave year 2021/22, it is recognised that staff need to ensure they rest and recuperate as their wellbeing is paramount. However it is also reconisged that given the ongoing challenges it may not be possible to take the full leave entitlement during 2021/22. Therefore employers shall put in place arrangements for staff to sell back any remaining entitlement above statutory entitlement, so after 20 days. This will be pro rata for those working part time, and this will be inclusive of the additional day’s leave provided in this leave year.

    Given the opportunity to sell back annual leave above statutory entitlement annual leave carryover from 2021/22 into 2022/23 will be capped at 5 days, pro rata for part time staff. If the additional annual leave day is carried over this will be in addition to the allowed 5 days.

    The payment for annual leave sold back will be at calculated using an individual’s basic pay rate.




2021 - Pay Enhancements - 02_2021 - PDF.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [405.1 KB]

Employers are using desperate measures to cope with desperate times. But stretching dwindling numbers every thinner cannot solve this staffing crisis. 

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Why 2022 is ‘an exciting opportunity to showcase the skills, experience and qualities that disabled people bring to the workplace and to society’


Hard-working staff across the company will be devastated as they anxiously await their fate

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As Boris Johnson and others partied, UNISON members were fighting to save people’s lives and keep them safe – and nothing will ever erase that knowledge

UNISON members are encouraged to take action against new legislation, which will drastically affect the right to protest


‘UK public procurement has continued to be stained by forced labour and union busting’

NHS ‘running on empty’ because government refuses to address staffing crisis, says UNISON

A properly-funded staffing plan is the single most important step ministers can take to relieve pressures over the next few years.

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Public service workers were already under huge strain to maintain services and Omicron absences have ratcheted the pressure to new levels.


We will be there for our members in 2022

UNISON has always been able to respond, because our actions are dynamic

To UNISON and our predecessor unions Desmond Tutu was and is an inspiration



All meetings will be 30 minutes each and held virtually

Via  ‘TEAMS’

Depending on Covid 19 we may be able to hold face to face meetings and we will advise nearer the time.



Agenda-AGM_and Schedule 2022.docx
Microsoft Word document [114.7 KB]

UNISON Cymru/Wales has pledged to continue to fight for fair pay for thousands of health workers in Wales 


Thousands of care workers across Wales living on the breadline are to receive a pay rise which has been welcomed by public services union UNISON


Public opinion polling shows Welsh people support healthcare workers, school support staff and council workers campaigning to secure a fair pay rise

UNISON Cymru/Wales welcomes pay boost for care workers


Thousands of care workers across Wales living on the breadline are to receive a pay rise which has been welcomed by public services union UNISON.


News that all registered care workers in Wales will benefit from being paid the ‘Real Living Wage’ of £9.90 per hour as of April next year comes as the Welsh Government also announces its latest Budget proposals for the year ahead.


Typically, care workers in Wales currently earn the national minimum wage, which increased on 1 April to £8.91 per hour.


The Welsh Government has also committed to developing a National Care Service, something UNISON says is overwhelmingly backed by the public.


Earlier this year UNISON commissioned a Savanta ComRes poll of 1,021 people in Wales which found 72 per cent of the Welsh public would support the creation of a National Care Service, similar to the NHS, to deliver social care for older, disabled and vulnerable people.


In addition, in light of today’s Budget proposals, the union also wants to see the Welsh Government set up a separate and significant additional climate and decarbonisation budget as well as recognising that any cuts to public services will eventually place additional demands on the NHS.


UNISON has highlighted what it sees as the continued unfairness of low pay rises over the last decade for thousands of workers delivering vital public services in the NHS, councils and elsewhere. It argues there is a duty on Welsh Government to factor in funding for annual pay awards, when it is formulating departmental budgets. 


Care worker Peter Garland welcomed the news of a pay rise and said: “This will be a long-anticipated boost for tens of thousands of care workers in Wales, who are paid minimum wage for looking after our most vulnerable.


“Their work has been undervalued for a long time, but the commitment and professionalism they showed during the pandemic has woken up the public to the vital service they provide.


“It was not enough to clap them and we know that many will be so pleased that Welsh Government has made this announcement today.”


UNISON Cymru Wales regional secretary, Karen Loughlin said: “This is a welcome first step towards addressing the endemic poverty pay and poor conditions within the sector and alongside the new commitment to work towards the establishment of a National Care Service, stands in stark contrast with the complacency and neglect shown by the Westminster Government.


“UNISON will now continue to work with the Welsh Government to address these wider concerns, to improve the lives of tens of thousands of low paid, mainly women workers in every community in Wales.”


Notes to Editors

Care workers in Wales typically receive the national minimum wage of £8.91

- The Welsh Government has today confirmed care workers will receive the ‘Real Living Wage’ of £9.90 per hour as of April 2022.

- This equates to a 11% pay rise.

- The ‘Real Living Wage’, the independently-calculated rate by the Living Wage Foundation, is the minimum income needed to survive, based upon a basket of household goods and services

- In April 2021 UNISON commissioned a Savanta ComRes poll of 1,021 people in Wales which found 72 per cent of those who responded would support the creation of a National Care Service.


Media contact:

Press and Media Officer Alastair Gittins

Mobile: 07816 53 83 97



NHS Wales staff need a fair pay rise

After everything we’ve given during Covid, after a decade of pay freezes or pay caps that have squeezed our family budgets. We deserve much more. Clapping is not enough,” Dawn Ward, chair of UNISON Cymru Wales’ Health Committee.


NHS Pay Ballot now open! 
What is happening to NHS pay in Wales? 

Welsh government has suggested the original 3 per cent pay award could only be boosted by a one-off, unconsolidated 1 per cent and a day’s additional annual leave.

UNISON Cymru Wales’ Health Committee agreed to hold a pay consultation ballot of NHS staff and it is recommending they reject Welsh government’s new offer.

Why are members angry? 

Thousands of Welsh nurses, healthcare assistants, ambulance workers, hospital porters, cleaners, cooks, admin staff and more, who belong to UNISON, have already voted by 87% against the imposition of a below-inflation award and the union expects Welsh government’s modest enhancements to the pay award will again be rejected.

Why you should vote?

We are seeking further talks with Welsh government, however the way to improve the 3% is by taking collective and sustained industrial action that forces the government to reconsider. If we’re to do that we need to run a formal industrial action ballot. But we have a duty to ensure members will back this course of action. So, we’re running this indicative industrial action ballot first. 

How will the indicative ballot work? 

The indicative ballot will run from 8 November to 10 December 2021, 5pm, and eligible members will be emailed a secure personal link to vote online or will be posted a ballot form. 

What happens if I do not receive my ballot form or an online link? 

Members can contact their branch and provide an email address for a digital ballot. You can find your branch using branch finder.

Are your details up to date?

It is really important for your contact details to be up to date so we can get in touch with you. The most important information we need right now is your employer, email address, and mobile number. You can update your details at MyUNISON

Not a member but want to have your say? 

Employed by the NHS in Wales but not in UNISON yet? If you join by 23 November, you can have a vote and be counted too!


Interested in becoming an activist? 

Contact your branch and get involved in the pay campaign.


Had your U yet?




Update your details!



Have you received the latest copy of U, Unison’s free quarterly magazine? 
If not your membership details could be out of date. Have you moved house without telling us for instance?
If your details are out of date you could be missing out on important information from your union.
To check or update your details go to and click on the My Unison link.



Welsh people want their government to give healthcare workers a higher pay rise, according to public polling results released today (Thursday).

You Deserve Better!

UNISON 'one team 2k' pay campaign is all about delivering a fair award to our members in Wales and the UK. The 3% rise, which came in the form of a pay review body recommendation, was imposed by UK government.

Unfortunately, the Health Minster Eluned Morgan also imposed the 3% in Wales, without discussing further with trade unions and without exploring how this could be implemented with added improvements for Welsh healthcare workers. Health is devolved to Welsh Government and historically the Welsh Government has negotiated improved pay awards with the trade unions.

You will note from your ballot paper further negotiations did eventually take place with Welsh Government and this has resulted in the offer we are consulting on now, outlined on your ballot paper.

UNISON 'one team 2k' campaign is based on the principles of fairness and equality; the imposed 3% rise actually drives up the wages of the highest paid disproportionally; for example: a band 9 would receive over £3,000 rise and some of the lowest paid bands would get less than £500.00. This is not fair or equal!

Part of the Welsh Government offer is to give an additional unconsolidated 1% rise in bands' 1-5 pay; this means it will be a one-off payment for some, that will not increase your substantive pay going forward. This is just storing problems up for next year's negotiations.

Fuel costs, food costs, NI contributions are all going through the roof.
The only thing that is not keeping pace with the increased cost of living is your pay!

We need you to use your vote! Pay is important! You have worked selflessly through the pandemic and continue to do so. You Deserve Better!

Please use your vote, and keep in mind that your health committee recommendation is to reject.

Please contact your local UNISON branch with any further queries you may have.

Take the survey now; it is only open until 10th December 5pm.

Typically, it only takes 2 minutes to complete.

Click Here to Start the Survey

Thank you for your time.

Dawn Ward                                                               Hugh McDyer
Chairperson                                                              Regional Organiser
UNISON Wales Health Committee                           UNISON Wales Head of Health
UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea with young members at COP26
UNISON launches blueprint for climate-friendly public services

Public services currently account for about 8% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

UNISON's groundbreaking new environmental report shows they must decarbonise if we have any hope of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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Read more from UNISON's delegate at COP26





COP26: UNISON's climate marchers
UNISON members and green activists were out in strength on the streets of Glasgow on Saturday as part of the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice.
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UNISON members may be wondering how to react to the government’s imposed pay award. Here are some facts to help you decide what 3% means for you

Our local services face catastrophic cuts. Help us stand up for them and take action now

Brand new: Crumbling to dust in front of our eyes

We've made an exciting new film to highlight how our vital local services are disappearing, in front of our very eyes – and how we can all help save them. And it launches today!

Encourage your members to watch and share the film, email their MP (or MSP or AM) and find out how bad the cuts are where they live.

Our exciting new film – watch and share
Email your MP now – it takes seconds
Where you live – what are the cuts like?
The campaign page – all the stuff you need

Poet and author Michael Rosen joined UNISON's head of health Sara Gorton to talk about his debt of thanks to NHS workers after spending 12 weeks in hospital with coronavirus, and his views on the union’s campaign for a £2,000 pay rise for every member of NHS staff. The event, held on 26 May 2021, was organised by UNISON's Eastern region.









It is important that you keep your personal details up to date.



Have you moved address, changed your telephone number or email address?



If you have, you need to update this information by either:


 visiting and following the My UNISON link, or 


by contacting the Branch Office.



Karen Loughlin, UNISON Cymru Wales regional secretary 73 per cent of the Welsh public believe the Welsh government should do more to lift children out of poverty. That’s the finding of a Savanta ComRes poll of 1,021 people released today (Friday). The poll was commissioned by public services union, UNISON Cymru Wales, which has made […]

Pay campaign poster. Care worker attends to elderly man
UNISON's public service pay campaign targets 6 May voters 

Voters are being reminded that thousands of public sector workers face a government pay freeze, in a campaign launched by UNISON ahead of the 6 May elections.

Care home staff, hospital porters and teaching assistants are among key workers featured in a series of hard-hitting films on social media, which show them carrying out vital jobs during the pandemic – only to be let down by the government. 

The union wants the public to give their support where it matters most – at the ballot box. 

Blog: Vote for fair pay on 6 May
Share our YouTube film
Use the campaign resources 

70 per cent of the Welsh public believe companies receiving public money should not be allowed to hire staff on zero-hour contracts. That’s the finding of a Savanta ComRes poll of 1,021 people released today (Friday). The poll, commissioned by public services union, UNISON, also found Welsh people want the next Senedd government to improve […]

72 per cent of the Welsh public would support the creation of a National Care Service, similar to the NHS, to deliver social care for older, disabled and vulnerable people. That’s the finding of a Savanta ComRes poll of 1,021 people released today (Wednesday). The poll, commissioned by public services union, UNISON, also found 90 […]

FAQs on Covid bonus payments for Welsh NHS staff:




Bonus payment FAQs - 25 March 2021.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [404.7 KB]


From Cardiff to Chad: An incredible journey!


The remarkable story of how a nurse from Cardiff & Vale UHB saved hundreds of thousands of lives and earned herself an MBE.


Angela also happened to be an officer of Cardiff & Vale Unison Health Branch.


Read the inspiring story of Angela Gorman: 


From Cardiff to Chad: a neonatal nurse’s extraordinary career

Unison demonstration
'This worrying attack on the right to protest'

UNISON has serious concerns that the new police bill being fast-tracked through Parliament would seriously affect the union's ability to protest peacefully, effectively and free from interference.

'The point of a demonstration is to be heard and to have an impact – the explicit aim of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill seems to be to minimise any impact,' writes the general secretary.

Read more in the general secretary's blog

Earnings max – making sure your employer is getting it right!

Did you know that if you work on Agenda for Change terms and conditions that you can claim £15 if your employer asks you to change you shift within 24 hours of your scheduled work period? 

For more information including where this does not apply, see section 2.23 of the NHS Terms and Conditions handbook (Scotland and N. Ireland) or 2.25 of the NHS Terms and Conditions Handbook (England and Wales).

In the meantime, please publicise this amongst your members.


UNISON launches new guide on pension fund engagement and divestment from companies involved in the occupation of Palestine


Covid-19 hub


Get the latest updates and advice on the coronavirus.

Click the image to open.



Stay up to date with our branch app!



Scan the QR code below to download.




App created by

Read the latest Unison Welfare Newsletter here:

Recruitment/Engagement Event


All Recrutment/Engagement events have been suspended for the forseeable future!


You can still join online or by asking your local rep.

R214 AtW MHSS A5 leaflet for employers a[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [209.5 KB]

NHS Wales


COVID – 19 (Coronavirus)

Frequently Asked Questions for NHS Managers and Employees FAQs up to date as at 15.00, 1 October 2020


FAQ's v7.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [368.5 KB]


Contact the branch for details.

Resource for Staff working/ shielding at home

Living and working well.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.2 MB]
Help for members
Graphic with rainbow and words: COVID-19 response fund we're there for you
COVID-19 response fund launched

There for You is UNISON’s unique charity, set up to help members in difficulties – and this year, the COVID-19 crisis is making life harder for many of our already-stretched members.

The welfare charity has set up a special fund to respond to calls for help because of the pandemic, with £250,000 set aside for members in need. Our members can only apply for a grant if they know about it so please share as widely as you can.

Watch and share our film on the fund on Twitter
Watch and share our film on the fund on Facebook
Read more about the launch
Find out more about the fund and how members can apply
PPE: Help save lives
Our members in care, the NHS and other vital public services have risen to the challenge of dealing with this pandemic.

But many feel they are  being forced to put themselves in harm’s way every time they go to work because this government is not keeping its promises on personal protective equipment (PPE).
Sign and share our petition calling for PPE not promises
Coronavirus: latest advice and updates
It's good to talk – especially now
Wakefield local government branch has taken an innovative approach to welcoming its surge of new members during COVID-19.
Read the full article
COVID-19 affects Black and women workers worse
Anyone can be infected by COVID-19. But it’s increasingly clear that that’s where the equality ends.
Read the full story

Wellbeing guides



Food and Mental Wellbeing during Covid_L[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [98.6 KB]
EatWellSpendLessCOVID (V3).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.4 KB]

Here are the posters and the most up to date PPE info 

PDF File [1.9 MB]
Adobe Acrobat document [244.7 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [238.4 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [331.5 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [142.8 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [189.2 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [187.2 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [200.9 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [187.8 KB]

CORVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions


Self Isolating

Typical Questions 

I have an underlying health conditions should I be self isolating?

My Partner/child has an underlying health conditions should I be self isolating?

I am aged over 70 should I be self isolating?

I am in at risk group as identified by the UK Government should I be self Isolating?

I am pregnant, should I be self Isolating?



If you have an underlying health conditions and you are not sure about attending work go to for guidance then speak to your line manager.

Do not contact Occupational Health!



Typical Questions

What is the situation with PPE?

We think we need more or better PPE?

We have no face masks available in our section what should we do?

Staff in my area are being told not to wear masks as there are not enough to go round.


The Health Board is receiving large amounts of PPE on a daily basis. The situation within the Health Board is being monitored and reviewed daily. If you think your area has insufficient PPE speak to your line manager.




Ive been told that I will have to work in another area, do I have to change where I work?

Ive been told that I will have to work on another site, do I have to change sites?



We are in unprecedented times which means that the Health Board has to change and evolve to meet the challenge of Corvid 19, this will often mean redeployment of staff to meet the demand and it is expected that staff will cooperate where possible. If you have issues about a proposed redeployment speak to your line manager in the first instance.


Change of duties


I’ve been told that I will have to do different and unfamiliar work is that right?



Given the challenge of Corvid 19 which we all face, this will often mean staff are asked to meet the demand by being flexible and adapt to the necessary changes, it is expected that staff will cooperate where possible. Staff will not be expected to work beyond their pay grade! If you have issues about a proposed change to your work speak to your line manager in the first instance.


Working from home


The government has said that everyone who can should be working from home, does that apply to NHS staff?

I don’t see patients why can’t I work from home?


Working from home


Child care issues

I have young children and no one to look after them while I’m in work what should I do?




As NHS staff you are identified as a Key Worker by the UK government and therefore schools will be open for your child even though all schools are technically closed for the foreseeable future. Check your Local Authority website for details about provision for your child.


Please keep checking the website for the latest factual updates!


Coronavirus Guidance and Advice from the UHB

Coronovirus Guidance and Advice - Versio[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [630.1 KB]



The 'Save Barry Hospital Ward' petition is live on the Welsh Government website. Please take a moment to sign and join our campaign to defend the Hospital ward."


Dear Colleague,




Nine Welsh local authorities have already signed up to the Robin Hood Tax. Is your council one of them? We want all UNISON Cymru Wales branches to encourage their councils, AM and MP to sign up to the Robin Hood Tax, which could potentially deliver millions of pounds for public services in Wales.


Robin Hood Tax resources are attached for your use.


The PowerPoint presentation is also attached and below is a link to the councillor’s hub with model motions and briefings etc.


With best wishes,


Dominic MacAskill 
Regional Manager Rheolwr Rhanbarthol 
The Courtyard / Y Libart 
Wind Street 
Swansea / Abertawe 
SA1 1DP 
Phone / ffon: 01792 483918
e-mail / e-bost:



Questions and Answers v3 October 2017.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [634.2 KB]
How to set up internet access for the ES[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [391.4 KB]
My ESR App.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [236.3 KB]
ESR Self Service Portal.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [601.3 KB]