Image of Arun, an Indian NHS worker, in hospital scrubs
Health workers deserve better

Health workers are yet again on the frontline of a second wave of COVID-19. Amidst short staffing, NHS staff are being denied a proper pay rise, and migrant members like UNISON member Arun (pictured) are being denied visa extensions. 


Read about UNISON's pay rise campaign
'People are dying' - read Arun's story
Read about One Team day on 25 November 

NHS Pay – #OneTeam2k

Dear  Colleague


You are invited to attend a presentation ( attached ) of the historical and current challenges faced by our comrades in Palestine.

Betty Hunter from Palestine Solidarity Campaign Cardiff has kindly agreed to deliver the attached presentation with a further update on the current situation and how UNISON members can support the struggle of the Palestinian people. There will be a Q&A session after the presentation  * Please see Bettys Bio below * along with the MS teams link for the online meeting.

This will be a good opportunity for members to learn more about our Palestinian friends struggle and how we can support more effectively in branches as a union. 
Please feel free to circulate across your networks and I would be grateful if you  would consider attending and encourage others to do the same.


Please contact me if you have any further queries.





Mob: 07432735159      


Betty Hunter is Honorary President of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

She was an active trade unionist in the NUT during 30 years of teaching in London.

On her retirement from teaching she served as voluntary General Secretary of PSC from 2001 until 2011 

during which time the organisation grew from 350 members to 5000. Betty has visited Palestine about 12 times

working to establish good working relations with Palestinian activists, academics and others.


MS Teams link  for meeting



Betty UNISON presentation PSC.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.4 MB]


Solidarity for the Palestinian People



In support of the international  day of solidarity for the Palestinian People, the International forum has arranged an online meeting with a speaker from Cardiff Palestinian Solidarity Campaign to be held on the 26th November at 6.30 pm . There will be a presentation on the historical and current position in Palestine and advice for UNISON members and branches on how we can support our comrades in Palestine with their daily struggle.






Hugh McDyer
Area Organiser  


The Cymru Wales Committee agreed on 21 September to nominate Christina McAnea for the General secretary election for the following reasons: Christina is the woman to lead the UK’s largest union. She has the influence, profile and experience on the national stage and understands devolution. A tough negotiator, determined campaigner and no nonsense communicator, Christina will stand up for public services in Wales and across the UK. […]




UNISON Wales has been in ongoing discussions with employers at local and all Wales levels, and also with Welsh Government Ministers, seeking agreement that all staff who are required by their employer to work from home, should be paid an allowance by their employer to cover the extra costs incurred by home working. Since the […]

Tax allowance home working.docx
Microsoft Word document [24.7 KB]

NHS Pension Scheme survey (England and Wales)
UNISON is supporting NHS Pensions with their research to find out what staff know and understand about the benefits of being in the NHS Pension scheme.

They have put together a short survey and would value the input of UNISON members, regardless of whether they are in the scheme or not. The results will help to ensure the information available to scheme members is clear and useful.

Please make members aware of this survey. If you have any questions about the survey or want to speak to NHS Pensions about it, please e-mail NHSBA Communications.

The survey is open until 18 December 2020.
Access the survey
R214 AtW MHSS A5 leaflet for employers a[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [209.5 KB]





















Notes of previous AGM





Branch Officer Positions





Stewards & Officers Annual Reports  -  Written only









To Receive a Report on Honoraria for :

  • R. Kirby
  • R. Lloyd Jones
  • B. Salter
  • Auditor






Covid-19 and the future





The meeting will be followed by a brief APF meeting


















Honoraria will be discussed for Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer / Welfare Officer

 All Unison Members welcome and all meetings will be ‘Virtual’ unless notified prior to date



Tuesday 12th January


12 Noon - 12.30  &   12.45 - 1.15pm




***Saturday 16th January


10.00 – 10.30am   &   10.45  - 11.15am




Tuesday 19th January


2.00 - 2.30pm &   2.45 - 3.15pm




Thursday 21st January


11.45pm – 12.15am   (Night Shift)




***Saturday 23rd January


10.00 – 10.30am  &  10.45 – 11.15am




Monday 25th January


2.00 - 2.30pm &   2.45 - 3.15pm




Thursday 28th January


12 Noon - 12.30 &   12.45 - 1.15pm

Also on night shift:

11.45pm – 12.15am






Monday 1st February


2.00 - 2.30pm &   2.45 - 3.15pm




Thursday 4th February


2.00 - 2.30pm &   2.45 - 3.15pm




Monday 8th February


12 Noon - 12.30 &   12.45 - 1.15pm




Thursday 11th February


11.45pm – 12.15am   (Night Shift)




***Saturday 13th February


10.00 - 10.30am &   10.45 - 11.15am




Tuesday 16th February


12 Noon – 12.30  &  12.45 – 1.15pm




Thursday 18th February


11.45pm – 12.15am (Night Shift)




Thursday 25th February


12 Noon - 12.30 &   12.45 - 1.15pm




***Saturday 27th February


10.00 – 10.30am   &  10.45 – 11.15am




Thursday 4th March


11.45pm – 12.15am   (Night Shift)




*** Saturday 6th March


10.00 - 10.30am   &   10.45 - 11.15am




Thursday 11th March


2.00 - 2.30pm &   2.45 - 3.15pm



***Saturday 13th March

10.00 – 10.30am   &  10.45 – 11.15am


*** Saturday 20th March



All the above will be followed by a short APF meeting




Please take into account the current COVID 19 climate we are living with there is a possibility that all these meetings will take place ‘Virtually’ and further details regarding this will be sent out prior to the given meeting dates.


Our new branch app is now available for i phone and android devices. 


Scan the QR code below to download.




App created by

How one of our rep's, Angela Gorman, went on to become CEO of Life for African Mothers and earned herself an MBE in the process.



Read Angela's story here

Microsoft Word document [13.7 KB]



Monday 9 November 2020 

For immediate release 


Any vaccine must be delivered by the NHS and public health bodies, not private firms, says UNISON 


Commenting today (Monday) on encouraging preliminary findings for Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, UNISON assistant general secretary Christina McAnea said:  


“Although it’s still early days, this could be the news the world’s been waiting for.  


“But after the test and trace fiasco, there must be proper transparency and scrutiny this time around.  


“The government should use the next few days and weeks well to ensure that when the vaccine’s ready, its rollout is managed entirely by the NHS and public health bodies.  


“Private firms mustn’t be allowed anywhere near the programme to give the vaccine to the over 80s, health and care staff, and then the wider population.  


“The vaccine must be delivered by healthcare professionals. The thousands of ex-health workers who offered their services to the NHS as the first wave hit would be perfect to do this.   


“Encouraging, rather than forcing, care and NHS staff to have the vaccine so they can be effective advocates for wider take-up among their colleagues, family members and friends will be important too.”  


Notes to editors: 

– UNISON is the UK’s largest union, with more than 1.3 million members providing public services – in education, local government, the NHS, police service and energy. They are employed in the public, voluntary and private sectors. 


Media contacts: 

Liz Chinchen M: 07778 158175 E: 

Anthony Barnes M: 07834 864794 E: 




Monday 9 November 2020  

For immediate release  


Government must grant NHS staff a wage rise by Christmas, say health unions   


Health unions representing more than 1.3m workers across the UK have written to the Prime Minister calling for a pay rise for all NHS staff before Christmas.   


The letter to Boris Johnson from all 14 health unions warns the second virus wave is already placing hospitals under immense strain.  


It says staff are “stressed, burned out and fearful” and that asking them to carry on regardless is “increasingly unrealistic”.  


The letter adds: “Once more NHS staff will be relied upon to protect and care for us all. But health workers are exhausted, with many still recovering from the first virus peak.”  


NHS workers are not due a pay rise until April 2021, but the health unions say an early increase would help employees “feel valued, by the entire country, and the government too.”  


They state in the letter that raising pay this year could persuade staff looking to leave the NHS to change their minds. An early wage boost could also “prove attractive to thousands of much-needed potential NHS recruits”.  


The letter continues: “Bringing forward the wage rise in time for Christmas would also place the NHS in a better position to face the future.”  


The unions remind the Prime Minister in the letter that staff do their jobs because “they’re passionate about making people well again, and because they want to make a difference”.  


However, they point out that giving them a wage increase is “morally…the right decision to take”, adding: “It’s time to do more than praise their courage and dedication”.   


UNISON head of health Sara Gorton, who also chairs the NHS group of 14 unions, said: “The NHS can't run without its staff. They all deserve better from porters to nurses.   


“Their dedication during the pandemic has been humbling. But no one is superhuman and many are feeling the strain. Boris Johnson must show he has a heart with a pay rise before Christmas.   


“It will boost exhausted staff going into the second wave and help the NHS attract much-needed new recruits."  


Hannah Reed from the RCN, who is also acting secretary to the health unions’ group, said: “NHS staff have been underpaid for years and there has never been a more critical time for the government to address this. 


“Paying staff fairly will show they're valued and begin to turn the corner on the record nursing and wider vacancy levels. 

The NHS is facing an extremely challenging few months due to the combination of Covid-19 and winter pressures. Without urgent action on pay, vacancies across the NHS will continue to increase.”  


RCM executive director of external relations Jon Skewes, who is also treasurer for the NHS group of unions, said: “Midwives, maternity support workers and all our NHS staff do an incredible job day in, day out, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  


“And never has that been more apparent, more needed, or more valued than now. There was a compelling case for an early and significant pay rise for NHS staff before the pandemic, and their dedication, commitment and professionalism make that a cast-iron one now.  


“I call on the Prime Minister to show that he meant his fine words about the work of our NHS staff during the first wave of the pandemic and give them the pay award they rightly deserve.”  


Notes to editors:  

- Click here to read the full version of the letter to Boris Johnson. 

- The 14 NHS unions are: British Association of Occupational Therapists, British Dietetic Association, British Orthoptic Society, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, College of Podiatry, Federation of Clinical Scientists, GMB, Managers in Partnership, Prison Officers Association, Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Nursing, Society of Radiographers, UNISON and Unite. 

Media contacts:  

UNISON: Liz Chinchen M: 07778 158175 E: 

RCN T: 0207 647 3633 E:
RCM T: 0207 312 3456 E: 



8 November 2020

Embargo: 00.01hrs Monday 9 November 2020


Living wage increase leaves many thousands of health and care staff behind, says UNISON


Commenting on the increase in real living wage rates – to £9.50 (and £10.85 in London) – announced today (Monday) by the Living Wage Foundation, UNISON assistant general secretary Christina McAnea said:


“While some 250,000 low-paid workers will get a wage rise today, many others on the Covid frontline will be less fortunate.


“Care staff working in homes and out in the community remain stuck on poverty pay, despite vital work supporting society’s most vulnerable throughout the pandemic.


“Today’s increase also means thousands of the lowest paid health workers employed by the NHS – cleaners, domestics, porters, security staff and drivers – no longer earn a living wage.


“Their colleagues working on outsourced NHS contracts fare even worse. Most employed by private contractors are on the minimum wage, and lowly statutory sick pay if they get the virus or need to isolate.


“It’s time the government did the right thing and gave a well-earned pay rise to all those caring for us, running essential local services and keeping us safe while the virus rages.


“That’s the best way of thanking them all for everything they do and protecting our vital public services.”


Notes to editors:
- The real living wage is an hourly rate of pay set independently and updated annually (and is different from the government’s national living minimum wage, currently £8.72 an hour for those aged over 25).
- The UK living wage for outside of London from today is £9.50 per hour. The London living wage is £10.85 per hour. It is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK, and employers choose to pay the living wage on a voluntary basis. 
- Living Wage Week runs from 9-15 November 2020. It is a UK-wide celebration of the almost 7,000 employers that have voluntarily committed to ensure employees and sub-contracted staff earn a real living wage.
- NHS staff employed on the bottom point of salary band two (the lowest of pay scales in the NHS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland currently earn £9.21 an hour. The lowest hourly rate of pay in the NHS in Scotland is £9.45. Band two staff living in London will still earn more than the London living wage.
- UNISON is the UK’s largest union, with more than 1.3 million members providing public services – in education, local government, the NHS, police service and energy. They are employed in the public, voluntary and private sectors.


Media contacts:
Liz Chinchen M: 07778 158175 E:


Something exciting is happening in UNISON graphic
The Big Vote
UNISON is electing a new general secretary to lead the union for the next five years and it’s time for you to use your vote.

An election pack is being sent by post direct to your home. 

Inside, you will find a ballot paper, information from the candidates and a pre-paid return envelope. So, you'll have everything you need to vote in this important election to choose your next leader. Our film explains it all.
Watch the election film
Our Q&A on the election


200,000 workers will miss out on vital training if union learning is cut
Help us save union learning

The government's plans to cut the Union Learning Fund in England means hundreds of thousands of workers will miss out on skills and training. 

Please sign the petition calling on the government to reverse cuts to union learning and ensure working people can access education and skills training. 

Sign the petition
Order your CODP student badges now!

Last week we told you about the new CODP student badges available to order from TC. 

To place an order all you need to do is 
email TC, quoting the product name and reference number ‘student ODP badge SML-106'.

Please note, badges are priced at 98p each excluding VAT and delivery charges. Branches will be invoiced for orders placed by TC (please check delivery costs with TC when placing your order).

You can also order via TCs online catalogue.

Access the online catalogue
COVID-19 has shone a light on the importance of workplace safety hasn't it?


Health and Safety at work in Wales has never been more important.

 Why are we saying this?  Well, Health and Safety at work is always important, but the world has changed a lot in the last 6 months and we are all experiencing changes in the ways we work.  We all have a lot going on with adjusting to constantly changing guidance so right now, it is more important than ever.  



UNISON has been at the forefront of all negotiations with Welsh Government and employers about keeping public sector workers safe.  No one understands those workplaces better than the people who work in them, which is why we have launched our new campaign, Be on the Safe Side, to support new Health and Safety reps across Wales.


 We need people like you to help keep your workplace safe. 

I want to help keep my workplace safe

Health and Safety reps provide staff a formal way to raise their concerns about safety at work.  They work with employers to make workplaces safer places for everyone.  You don't have to be an expert already - UNISON Health and Safety reps are fully trained and entitled to time off for this training.

Do you think you and your colleagues would benefit from some Health and Safety support from Wales' largest trade union? 

Yes, tell me how we can help

So wherever you work, whatever you do, we want to support you and your colleagues to be on the safe side.


NHS Wales


COVID – 19 (Coronavirus)

Frequently Asked Questions for NHS Managers and Employees FAQs up to date as at 15.00, 1 October 2020


FAQ's v7.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [368.5 KB]

Government must put system in hands of public health bodies

The UNISON NHS Pay claim -


One Team2k was agreed by UNISON Health Service Group Executive - a committee of UNISON activists across the UK who all work in the NHS, back in June and we were the first union to formally launch a pay claim back in July.


A lot of thought was put in to the 2k for All figure which we believe is affordable and achievable. UNISON also surveyed our NHS members on our proposed pay claim and of those that responded over 84% agreed with a 2k pay claim and also with an early settlement this year instead of waiting until April 2021.


UNISON was the first union to formally lodge our claim in writing with the UK Prime Minister. UNISON had hoped for a joint unions approach on Pay but unfortunately other unions have set their own figures, which some believe are unachievable and unrealistic in the current economic climate.


Most unions initial position was 5% but then this changed recently to a higher figure.


UNISON has remained consistent that 2k for All AFC staff means no one gets a pound more or less than anyone else.


We have calculated our pay claim to cost £3.4b.


UNISON is a member led union with members making the decisions on key issues that affect them.


UNISON is the largest trade union in the UK, the largest Health union in the UK and the largest trade union in Wales.


Please advise the member of the above information and also to the UNISON website for more info on our NHS Pay claim .


Ministers must act to fill 40,000 nursing vacancies 

 Posted in  

Sickness absence in the NHS in Wales


Commenting on the data on sickness absence in the NHS in Wales up to 31 March 2020, Tanya Palmer, UNISON regional secretary said, 

“These figures record only up to the first week of lockdown and we’ll need to wait until later in the year for a much clearer picture of the impact of Covid on the NHS Wales.


“Looking after very sick patients during the Covid public health emergency placed an unimaginable mental and physical toll on Welsh healthcare workers and their social care colleagues. Many became ill and devastatingly, some paid with their lives helping others.


“The challenge was unprecedented in their careers. Dealing with the scale of death when patients’ families could not be present is likely to leave a lasting impact and we know many will suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There is a duty on their employer and government to provide these workers with every support they need.”


On Welsh Ambulance Services sickness absence Tanya said, 

“As a frontline operational ambulance worker, your body is under daily physical stress moving patients around and this often causes musculoskeletal problems. It is also one of the most stressful jobs as you are first responder to some very grave situations. Taken together, sickness absence is understandably much greater for ambulance staff than the rest of the health service all year round.  


“It's vital, given the risk that exists on every call for ambulance staff that they are supported in making their own risk assessments and feel safe in doing so, to avoid additional stress.”

General secretary election |    Ask a friend to join   |    View in a browser
U digital... from UNISON
Nurse sitting at computer
Learning through lockdown and beyond

With the economic impact of coronavirus already hitting hard, learning and knowledge are going to be more important than ever, and UNISON is actively supporting members to be as skilled as possible. 

Check out the latest edition of the union's dedicated learning magazine, ULearn, which is available online now, featuring:

  • learning in lockdown with the online skills academy
  • dealing with trauma
  • how UNISON supports its members.
And visit UNISON's dedicated learning website to find a course that suits you.
Latest edition of ULearn
UNISON Learning

Image of calendar page turning
General secretary election: nominations open Monday

Dave Prentis is retiring after 20 years as UNISON's general secretary on 31 December 2020. All members are entitled to vote for his successor.

The candidate nomination period opens this Monday, 10 August and future U digital emails will have all the information you need on how to vote.

Visit the general secretary election page now
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
All you need to know for a safe return to work
UNISON has produced a range of new health and safety advice and guidance for activists and members, whether they've been working throughout the pandemic or are returning to work.
How to work safely – leaflet for members
Are you at risk? Health and safety poster
Coronavirus: latest advice and updates


Contact the branch for details.

Resource for Staff working/ shielding at home

Living and working well.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.2 MB]
New guidance on RIDDOR

NHS Employers have published two flow charts to help employers identify when they should report COVID-19 under RIDDOR (Reporting Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) based on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance. 

There is also advice on NHS E/I formal reporting in the event of the death of an NHS worker. Branches should check employers are aware and continue to encourage members to report incidents of COVID-19 exposure.

RIDDOR and HSE apply across the UK, so the NHS Employers flow charts will be of relevance and interest to all the devolved administrations.

NHS Employers COVID-19 sickness absence advice
HSE RIDDOR reporting of COVID-19
Help for members
Graphic with rainbow and words: COVID-19 response fund we're there for you
COVID-19 response fund launched

There for You is UNISON’s unique charity, set up to help members in difficulties – and this year, the COVID-19 crisis is making life harder for many of our already-stretched members.

The welfare charity has set up a special fund to respond to calls for help because of the pandemic, with £250,000 set aside for members in need. Our members can only apply for a grant if they know about it so please share as widely as you can.

Watch and share our film on the fund on Twitter
Watch and share our film on the fund on Facebook
Read more about the launch
Find out more about the fund and how members can apply
PPE: Help save lives
Our members in care, the NHS and other vital public services have risen to the challenge of dealing with this pandemic.

But many feel they are  being forced to put themselves in harm’s way every time they go to work because this government is not keeping its promises on personal protective equipment (PPE).
Sign and share our petition calling for PPE not promises
Coronavirus: latest advice and updates
It's good to talk – especially now
Wakefield local government branch has taken an innovative approach to welcoming its surge of new members during COVID-19.
Read the full article
COVID-19 affects Black and women workers worse
Anyone can be infected by COVID-19. But it’s increasingly clear that that’s where the equality ends.
Read the full story

Wellbeing guides



Food and Mental Wellbeing during Covid_L[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [98.6 KB]
EatWellSpendLessCOVID (V3).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.4 KB]

Here are the posters and the most up to date PPE info 

PDF File [1.9 MB]
Adobe Acrobat document [244.7 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [238.4 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [331.5 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [142.8 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [189.2 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [187.2 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [200.9 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [187.8 KB]

Welsh nurse's heartfelt plea for more personal protective equipment so they can return to families 'unscathed' after pandemic, UNISON Swansea Bay Health branch's Libby Nolan video featured and regional secretary Tanya Palmer quoted, Wales Online.


Welsh heath and care workers have no access to PPE, Unison Cymru says, regional secretary Tanya Palmer quoted, Morning Star



Health workers feel 'actively discouraged' to protect themselves over PPE supply fears, references open letter from healthcare workers endorsed by UNISON, ITV Wales

CORVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions


Self Isolating

Typical Questions 

I have an underlying health conditions should I be self isolating?

My Partner/child has an underlying health conditions should I be self isolating?

I am aged over 70 should I be self isolating?

I am in at risk group as identified by the UK Government should I be self Isolating?

I am pregnant, should I be self Isolating?



If you have an underlying health conditions and you are not sure about attending work go to for guidance then speak to your line manager.

Do not contact Occupational Health!



Typical Questions

What is the situation with PPE?

We think we need more or better PPE?

We have no face masks available in our section what should we do?

Staff in my area are being told not to wear masks as there are not enough to go round.


The Health Board is receiving large amounts of PPE on a daily basis. The situation within the Health Board is being monitored and reviewed daily. If you think your area has insufficient PPE speak to your line manager.




Ive been told that I will have to work in another area, do I have to change where I work?

Ive been told that I will have to work on another site, do I have to change sites?



We are in unprecedented times which means that the Health Board has to change and evolve to meet the challenge of Corvid 19, this will often mean redeployment of staff to meet the demand and it is expected that staff will cooperate where possible. If you have issues about a proposed redeployment speak to your line manager in the first instance.


Change of duties


I’ve been told that I will have to do different and unfamiliar work is that right?



Given the challenge of Corvid 19 which we all face, this will often mean staff are asked to meet the demand by being flexible and adapt to the necessary changes, it is expected that staff will cooperate where possible. Staff will not be expected to work beyond their pay grade! If you have issues about a proposed change to your work speak to your line manager in the first instance.


Working from home


The government has said that everyone who can should be working from home, does that apply to NHS staff?

I don’t see patients why can’t I work from home?


Working from home


Child care issues

I have young children and no one to look after them while I’m in work what should I do?




As NHS staff you are identified as a Key Worker by the UK government and therefore schools will be open for your child even though all schools are technically closed for the foreseeable future. Check your Local Authority website for details about provision for your child.


Please keep checking the website for the latest factual updates!


Unsocial hours payments


The Minister has agreed the reinstatement of the unsocial hours payments from day one for a temporary period and to enable the release of the ‘held’ back pay. 

pastedGraphic.pngREGIONAL HEALTH COMMITTEE  1/2020

(This is an occasional Newsletter for Branch Secretaries in Health)


Sick Pay (25th March 2020)


Update for all Regional Health Committee delegates:

Due to the current situation regarding corona virus, the Health Minister has agreed to the reinstatement of the unsocial hours payments from day one for a temporary period.  The Minister has also agreed to enable the release of any ‘held’ back pay. 

We will be working with Welsh Government to update the FAQs and to arrange for release of the payments.

Student Nurse 

England have agreed guidelines for Student Nurses which were circulated last week.  We are currently awaiting confirmation of the position in Wales.



We know that there are problems about PPE and Tanya Palmer our Regional Secretary, is daily letting the Welsh Government know our concerns.  Can you let us know if your members face further problems over the next week.

Donna Hutton, 

Acting Head of Health

Coronavirus Guidance and Advice from the UHB

Coronovirus Guidance and Advice - Versio[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [630.1 KB]

Recruitment/Engagement Event


All Recrutment/Engagement events have been suspended for the forseeable future!


You can still join online or by asking your local rep.


Our NHS is not for sale 

Have you received the latest copy of U magazine?


If not your details may be out of date.





Help us help you!



It is important that you keep your personal details up to date.



Have you moved address, changed your telephone number or email address?



If you have, you need to update this information!


My UNISON link


If we don’t have your correct contact details you will miss out on membership offers, announcements or information about voting ballots that may be held.



The 'Save Barry Hospital Ward' petition is live on the Welsh Government website. Please take a moment to sign and join our campaign to defend the Hospital ward."


Dear Colleague,




Nine Welsh local authorities have already signed up to the Robin Hood Tax. Is your council one of them? We want all UNISON Cymru Wales branches to encourage their councils, AM and MP to sign up to the Robin Hood Tax, which could potentially deliver millions of pounds for public services in Wales.


Robin Hood Tax resources are attached for your use.


The PowerPoint presentation is also attached and below is a link to the councillor’s hub with model motions and briefings etc.


With best wishes,


Dominic MacAskill 
Regional Manager Rheolwr Rhanbarthol 
The Courtyard / Y Libart 
Wind Street 
Swansea / Abertawe 
SA1 1DP 
Phone / ffon: 01792 483918
e-mail / e-bost:



Questions and Answers v3 October 2017.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [634.2 KB]
How to set up internet access for the ES[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [391.4 KB]
My ESR App.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [236.3 KB]
ESR Self Service Portal.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [601.3 KB]