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Youth Officer position is currently vacant.

Join the Wales TUC Young Activist Development Programme

July 26 and 27, Cardiff

Wales TUC is looking for young trade unionists to participate in the Young Activist Development Programme where you can gain the skills, knowledge, and network to become a young activist.

Engage in training, networking, and direct outreach to workers in hospitality and retail, while also connecting with trade unionists from Wales. You'll have the chance to learn from Norwegian young workers and even visit Norway next summer.

Register for the Young Activist Development Programme now to secure your place. If you need assistance covering expenses, please consult your union or contact for support.

We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative experience.

2022 National Young Members Conference has been published on OCS and on the website (link below).




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Young members: How to stay active after 27
A webinar on 9 April offers tips and resources for anyone wishing to stay involved with the union – or support others to do so – when no longer officially a 'young member'.
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Montage of young people's faces
Young members: get to know your union

November is young workers' month. In the first half of this year, the number of young members in UNISON grew by 4.6%. But is membership enough? Read the story of a UNISON activist trying to get more young members involved.

Read Sonia's story
Read Dave Prentis' blog on young workers' month
Young members: the post-COVID future
Cat Smith MP, Shadow Minister for Young People, will join us for a panel discussion on 27 November about young workers' concerns following the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Young Workers Charter

Younger workers are more likely to experience low pay, precarious work and limited training. But UNISON’s young members are fighting to make work better, by asking employers to sign their Respect Your Youth Charter.

What matters to young people at work?

  • Pay
  • Equality
  • Fair, secure contracts
  • Development and progression
  • Decent apprenticeships

Respect Your Youth Charter

The Charter was created by young people, based on what they face at work.

Around 36% of people working on zero-hour contracts are aged between 16-24. Training and development opportunities are limited. The minimum wage is lower for workers aged under 25. And pay for apprentices, is even lower. It’s no wonder young people are demanding more respect.


Get involved

Employers who sign the charter will demonstrate they value younger staff and are committed to providing high quality jobs, with development opportunities.

Ask your employer to sign the Charter. Speaking to them about your experience could help them to recognise the issues you face and commit to improve the situation. It is a great way for them to show that they care, so you can sell it as a win-win.

Download the Charter here

Tell your friends at work. Ask them if they agree with you. And if they’re not a member, ask them to join. It’s also a good way to demonstrate the tangible improvements trade unions can make to their lives.

Order leaflets to promote the Charter

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First Minister Mark Drakeford will today (Wednesday) meet the first Welsh employers to sign a charter which will make a real difference to the quality of life of their younger workers.


At an event at the Senedd, Mr Drakeford will meet representatives of Careers Wales and Cardiff Council for a special signing of the #RespectYourYouth Charter, developed by the public services union, UNISON Cymru Wales. A delegation of young workers will also be present.


UNISON’s young members are lobbying all employers to sign their Charter because they argue young people’s prospects are deteriorating across Wales.


UNISON’s #RespectYourYouth Charter has five demands: the implementation of the Real Living Wage irrespective of age, quality apprenticeships, fair employment, workplace equality and increased training opportunities.


Tanya Palmer, UNISON Cymru Wales acting regional secretary said,

"Wales has one of the highest levels of youth unemployment in the UK and many apprenticeships do not offer real training or a progression route.


“Young people have been disproportionately hit by the UK Government’s severe spending cuts and face university tuition fees, increasing use of zero hour contracts and a "living wage" that pays younger people less than their older colleagues.


“We have to do better by our young people and that’s why it’s so important Welsh employers sign our #RespectYourYouth Charter. Well done Careers Wales and Cardiff Council for showing that all employers can take practical, important steps to help the next generation.”


Mark Drakeford AM said:

“We are working hard to make Wales a fair work nation where we support all workers and invest in young people. I am delighted Careers Wales and Cardiff Council are adopting UNISON’s #RespectYourYouth Charter. The Charter makes sense for employers and government too. I encourage other organisations and politicians to sign up and give young workers the best possible start in life.”


Mark Drakeford was the first Assembly Member to sign the #RespectYourYouth Charter in November 2018 during Young Workers’ month.


Notes for editors

  • A photo of the Charter signing with Careers Wales; Cardiff Council; First Minister Mark Drakeford AM and UNISON young members can be made available on request – contact Alastair Gittins below. 
  • The Charter will be signed at 11.30am, Wednesday 26 June 2019
  • UNISON Cymru/Wales #RespectYourYouth Charter can be found here.
  • A video on UNISON Cymru/Wales Young Members’ work can be found here.
  • Link to Careers Wales
  • Link to Cardiff Council



Alastair Gittins, UNISON Press Officer on 07816 53 83 97

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Young workers: ’You need us and we need you’

Young members talk about their concerns, their hopes and their achievements at national delegate conference

Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

Young workers need UNISON

Millennials: Avocados, flat whites and Instagram – right? Not quite. The hipster characterisation masks a much starker reality for the houseless generation. Most young workers are contending with low wages, insecure jobs and no voice at work. They need trade unions more than ever.

This is why UNISON has voted to make 2019 the year of young workers. Considering the working conditions young workers face and the need to secure protection at work for future generations, it is a moral imperative. But it’s not all doom and gloom – young members are one of UNISON’s fastest growing demographics. We are already reaching out in new and innovative ways and demonstrating the practical impact we can bring to young people’s lives.

A new suite of resources are available to help you communicate with young workers. Download digital materials below and order printed materials from the Online Catalogue. Use a host of video’s on UNISON’s Youtube channel, featuring young workers, apprentices and UNISON campaigns.

This is a live campaign. We will add new resources and announce activities and events on this webpage. Share in your channels.

New web site for young members!



Activity Day

Quad Biking

High Rope Climbing

Whitewater Rafting

At the beginning of October 2010 an event was held at the 'International White Water Centre', Cardiff Bay. We had perfect weather for the group of young members who took part in a White Water Rafting session which was a major adrenaline rush and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. There are some brilliant photographs and videos of the day and I am hoping to repeat an event such as this (suggested by a young member) in the new year.


Leigh Ann Hobbs (Young Members Officer 2008-2011)