Your Equalities Officer is Dawn Ward.  Branch Office 02920 748280

The ground-breaking Disability Employment Charter, which UNISON co-founded, calls for a legal two-week limit in responding to reasonable adjustments

Why 2022 is ‘an exciting opportunity to showcase the skills, experience and qualities that disabled people bring to the workplace and to society’

Equalities Officer report 2021 - 2022



EQUALITIES Officer Report 2021-2022 Dawn[...]
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Equalities: New interactive calendar launched
UNISON's new interactive equalities calendar has links to events and campaigns throughout the year and you can download it and use it in your workplace or branch. It'll provide you with loads of ideas to get organised and help spread our message.
Download the calendar (pdf)


Dear Colleagues


Please find link below for the Cymru / Wales International forum to be held this Thursday 11th February 2021 .  The meeting will start at 18.00 and finish no later than 20.00. Agenda to follow 


You will just need to click on the link below to join the meeting. If you are unable to attend , please could you advise me of your apologies .  


Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting







Hugh McDyer

Regional Organiser


Mob: 07432735159


Challenging racism at work – join our webinar
Health branch activists and members across the UK are invited to a webinar to hear about our Race for Equality campaign and to find out how branches have started to challenge racism in their workplaces.

The session takes place on Thursday 25 February 2021 from 7pm-8pm.

Find out about our campaign materials and hear from two branches that have started to tackle this issue successfully, including one award-winning project. There will be a chance to pose questions to the panel.
Register now

Public services union, UNISON Cymru Wales, has today (Friday) launched a campaign to encourage the UK government to extend its deadline for applications to the Settled Status Scheme

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A group of Welsh public service workers are to be trained to recognise the signs of modern slavery.


A pilot training programme to be launched this weekend at a UNISON event will help public service workers to report instances of people in forced labour to the authorities and better help affected individuals.


UNISON Cymru Wales Black Members Group holds an annual event on 23 August to mark International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition and the trade union has warned there are more people in slavery today across the world, than in the entire 350-year history of the transatlantic slave trade.


UNISON said according to National Crime Agency statistics, there was a 30 per cent increase in reported cases of modern slavery in Wales 2018 - 2019. 60 per cent of the referrals in Wales were for labour exploitation.


The online Anti Slavery Training Awareness has been developed by Jasmin Ahmed from Black Association Women Step Out in partnership with Welsh government, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, and UNISON’s Aneurin Bevan branch.


Kebba Manneh, chair of UNISON Cymru Wales Black Members Group said,

“UNISON is committed to tackling discrimination and exploitation in every form. Modern slavery is a shocking stain on society and there is an obligation to do everything we can to root it out and protect vulnerable individuals.


“60 per cent of the referrals in Wales were for exploitation at work. That’s why trade unions like UNISON have a major role in the fight against modern slavery.


“With 100,000 members in Wales, UNISON can help educate our members and the wider community in recognising the signs of exploitation.”


Jasmin Ahmed, who has developed the Anti Slavery Training Awareness said,

The Anti-Slavery training package has been put together for UNISON members from the Welsh Government Anti-Slavery Training Initiative. The more people who are trained and recognise the signs of modern slavery and human trafficking the bigger the impact we make to tackle slavery. 


“This training will help people understand their responsibilities and know what course of action to take. They will help in preventing this illegal and immoral practice. Based on a new police data analysis tool it is believed that there could be at least 100,000 victims in the UK. 


“Slavery was meant to have abolished in the UK in 1833, but here we are in 2020 and still talking about ways of tackling it.  We need to unite and tackle slavery together if we want to abolish it within our communities.”  


Stephen Chapman, Anti-Slavery Co-ordinator, Welsh Government, said

“It is 2020 and slavery still exists in Wales, the UK and globally. The Welsh Government does not tolerate any form of slavery. I am proud to work with Kebba Manneh and members of the UNISON Cymru Wales Black Members Group, to raise the awareness of slavery which contributes to our aim of identifying victims of this heinous crime, rescuing and support them; and where possible bringing their perpetrators to justice.”


Notes for editors


  • Using International Labour Organization figures, the Human Trafficking Foundation says that there are more people in slavery today across the world, than in the entire 350 year history of the transatlantic slave trade. The Foundation says the extent of human trafficking in the UK is likely to be far greater than the NRM statistics would suggest.
  • Justice-and-Care-Centre-for-Social-Justice-It-Still-Happens-Here 2020 says based on a new police data analysis tool it is believed that there could be at least 100,000 victims in the UK. 
  • To report slavery you should call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121700. There is also a telephone number providing support for victims:  0800 731 8147.
  • UNISON Cymru Wales Black members’ event to mark International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition will be held online on Sunday 23 August 3-5pm



Alastair Gittins, UNISON Cymru Wales press officer on 07816 53 83 97


As the first week of Ramadan fasting comes to a close, UNISON has been working across regions to ensure Muslims members are supported during this important month

International Forum Meeting

Thursday 23rd January 2020

Report for BMSOG

This was my first meeting representing the Cymru Wales BMSOG at the international forum after being nominated for the role at the development weekend last year.

The meeting was chaired by Huw McDyer and a range of issues were discussed. 

Cuba @ 60

Cuba at 60 was held back in October 2019 in celebration of the end of the Cuban revolution. The events showcase collaborations between workers from Cuba who visited the UK to mark the events. The international forum and Unison at large were quite involved in this and a key mention about Swansea county council branch was made for their key role in welcoming and accommodating the Cuban delegates. 

Huw suggested that the international forum should consider looking into the possibility of sending delegates to Cuba. This would be looked into.

Unison continues to show support and solidarity to the plight of workers and their welfare in Cuba. Other nations that unison continues to show solidarity for workers are Venezuela, Turkey, and Zimbabwe amongst others.

EU and Brexit

As we are set to leave the EU by the end of the month, the issue of Brexit came up and the importance of the need for registration by our members from the EU. Raul one of our members from Spain, who has just been accredited as an EU settlement scheme volunteer, stress the need for us to encourage members affected to register and not leave thing to chance.

The fear is if those affected choose not to register believing its unnecessary or maybe they are misinformed, the situation might become similar to that of the Windrush scandal. There is plenty of support and information within Unison and the UK government website on how to register.


The Climate change protest by school children is set for 14th February 2020. Members are being encouraged to show solidarity and support in any way, shape or form to this course.

March against racism will be on 21st March 2020 to mark the UN international day for the elimination of racial discrimination. The international forum will be supporting this march which may be held in Cardiff or London. It was noted that the BMSOG has always been in the forefront of these events and active in these marches. 

The Unison International Seminar will take place on 6-8 March 2020 at Unison Croyde Bay Devon (see attached). I wish to attend if the branch is happy for me to do so.

The next international forum meeting is scheduled for 26th March 2020.

Many Thanks

Hassim Ganiyu

UNISON asked members in the health service for their experience of ‘unacceptable behaviour’, including their experience of racism in the workplace.

Race for Equality

It’s time for a serious conversation about racism in the NHS. Our Race for Equality campaign is equipping UNISON branches to get active and tackle racism in the workplace.

More than 70 years after it was founded the NHS continues to rely on staff from all round the world, and generations of Black staff have made the NHS what it is today.

Yet many Black staff in the NHS still face the injustice of racism and inequality at work every day.

“If you ask most black people the honest truth is we experience this everyday –  there is nothing we can do about it. We can’t complain everyday you just get on with it.”

We want to help staff recognise and challenge racism in the workplace. We will support staff, and help them support each other as we work together to take on racism and deliver an NHS that respects and values all staff.

In UNISON, equality is part of our DNA. Challenging discrimination and winning equality are fundamental to everything we do.

NHS staff are there to help everyone in every community and treat them with respect, dignity and fairness. UNISON believes they should expect the same treatment in return.

We will not stand by while Black staff in the NHS continue to face the injustice of racism and inequality at work. Racial discrimination is not only wrong – it is against the law. It wastes talent, damages staff, hurts patients, and holds the NHS back.

“If you say someone is being racist, immediately you are the problem”

Racism in numbers

  • 19% of the workforce are Black* but only 7% of senior managers are Black
  • White applicants are 1.45 times more likely to be appointed from shortlisting than Black applicants
  • Black staff are 1.24 times more likely to enter formal disciplinary process
  • 28% of Black staff experienced harassment bullying or abuse from other staff in last 12 months, compared with 23% of white staff
  • Only 72% of Black staff believe their employer provides equal opportunities for career progression/promotion, compared with 87% of white staff.

(Figures from the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) 2018. The WRES data uses Black and Minority Ethnic (BME). UNISON uses the more political and inclusive term Black.)

These figures are for England – this data is not collected in the same way in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but there is no reason to think the pattern would be significantly different in any country.

“Overly supervised; micromanaged, what I was doing always had a problem with it”

What you can do

  • Don’t suffer in silence – if you think it might be racism it probably is – talk to your UNISON branch about what’s been happening
  • Get involved in UNISON’s Black members network
  • Challenge anything that you experience or witness makes you feel uncomfortable (eg abusive language, name calling, ‘banter’/’jokes’, mimicry etc)
  • Challenge racist posts on social media
  • Talk to your branch about organising training or workshops on how best to tackle racism
  • Be part of the conversation about racism – listen to others or tell your own story

Download our Race for Equality branch briefing and leaflet below. You can order hard copies of the leaflet from our shop.

Read one branch’s story about how they tackled racism in the workplace

Download our Race for Equality branch briefing and leaflet in the Resources section below. You will also find guides to help you plan work on particular topics such as tackling racism within disciplinary processes; recruitment and career progression; and racial bullying and harassment. You can order hard copies of the leaflet from our shop.

Watch Show Racism the Red Card‘s film Challenging Racism in the Workplace.


UNISON Cymru Wales Equalities Calendar 2019







Black Members SOG

Swansea UNISON Office


Regional Women’s Meeting

Venue TBA


Women’s Development Weekend

Venue TBA















International Day of the Girl Child


World Menopause Day


BMSOG AGM & Development Weekend

Holiday Inn, Newport












Transgender Day of Rememberance


International Day for the Elimination of Violence Towards Women


Black Members SOG

Cardiff UNISON Office






Regional Women’s AGM

Venue TBA












From: Sara Gorton, UNISON National Secretary - Health

Survey on racism in the workplaceWho needs to know?

 All health branches


Nursing Times and UNISON have launched a survey on racism in the work place for all those working in health and social care.

In full:

Nursing Times and UNISON have launched a survey on racism in the work place for all those working in health and social care. This will provide valuable learning andalso form the basis of a news story and a discussion at Nursing Times’ Workforce Summit later this month.

The survey explores how employers deal with the issue, plus any personal experience that respondents have of it.The first few questions are about the respondent’s ownpersonal experiences, the second section is aimed at those in line management roles and the final part is for everyone again.

It is open to everyone working in health and social care, not just members, so please ensure that you share it as widely as possible:

Action for branches:

 Use the survey as an opportunity to encage with non-members
 Cascade information about the survey to members and non members,

encouraging them to take the survey

Author: Email:
Val Johnston

BRIEFING HC-074-1913 September 2019


Contact UNISON on 0800 0 857 857 or visit

Three of UNISON’s Polish migrant members share their stories and their thoughts on a post Brexit Britain

Empowering Women in Uncertain Times – A Wales TUC Women’s Forum event

Saturday 11th March 2017, Unite Building

There is still chance to book a place on this free event which includes sessions on: women and Brexit, menopause in the workplace, sexual "banter" in the workplace, mindfulness, flexible working and the law, the manifesto for girls' rights.

For further information and booking:


UN day against racism rally

Saturday 18th March Cardiff

The Wales TUC Equalities Committee is supporting this march to mark the UN day against racism. Come and join us at the march: assemble at 11am at Grange Gardens, Cardiff. Full details and leaflets (available in Welsh and English)for distribution can be printed via the link below:



Workplace diversity survey


The Wales TUC is promoting its latest survey investigating diversity/equality at work.  The results will form a very important part of the Wales TUC’s  work on this issue and your voice and experiences in Welsh workplaces would be much appreciated.  The survey is bilingual and completely confidential although we will use broad trends to influence any future reports or documents on this issue.  Respondents don’t have to be union members and the survey is very short.


Please fill in the survey and pass it on to your contacts:


Mae gennym arolwg newydd sy’n ymchwilio i amrywiaeth/cydraddoldeb yn y gwaith. Bydd y canlyniadau’n rhan bwysig iawn o’n gwaith ar y mater hwn a byddem yn gwerthfawrogi’n fawr eich barn a’ch profiadau o fod mewn gweithfannau yng Nghymru.  Mae’r arolwg yn ddwyieithog ac yn gwbl gyfrinachol er y byddwn yn defnyddio tueddiadau cyffredinol i ddylanwadu ar unrhyw ddogfennau neu adroddiadau ar y mater hwn yn y dyfodol. Nid oes angen i’r sawl sy’n ymateb fod yn aelodau o undeb ac mae’r arolwg yn fyr iawn. 


A fyddech cystal â chwblhau’r arolwg hwn a’i anfon ymlaen at eich cysylltiadau.

If you would like to know more about how we will protect your data:



Wales TUC Equality Forums

Want to get more involved in the equality work of the Wales TUC?

The Wales TUC disability forum is open to new members. The forum exists to help promote disability equality through the trade union movement in Wales, and gets involved in activities such as helping to plan trade union events, surveys, resources and campaigns to raise awareness and advance disability equality in the workplace. The forum works on the Social Model of Disability and is run by disabled union members. It is primarily for disabled members and activists but any member with an interest in disability matters is also able to attend and take part in the meetings.

It meets around four times per year and is due to meet on the following dates this year:

·       20th March

·       25th May

·       13th September.

Meetings are held in the Unite Building at 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9SD.

If you’d like to find out more about the disability forum contact Terry Mills

The Wales TUC also has Women’s, LGBT, BME and Youth forums. Contact for more information on how to get involved or join a forum.


Wales TUC residential school for experienced women union representatives

Thursday 6th April -  Friday 7th April 2017, Llanelli

The Wales TUC is offering 20 places on a 2 day residential school to experienced women workplace union representatives.  The school aims to provide participants with opportunity to build knowledge and skills, identify tools to cope with the increasing demands of the role of the union workplace rep and to develop union support networks.  The school is a fantastic development opportunity for those women active within their union for a number of years or who hold union roles with in their branches.

Sessions to include: sexual harassment, equality law, dealing with stress at work, menopause and work, Trade Union (Wales) Bill update, confidence building and networking.

If you would like any further information about the event, please contact


Dying to Work Campaign

Neath Port Talbot council has become the first organisation in Wales to sign a charter to help terminally ill workers. The voluntary charter is part of the TUC’s “Dying to Work” campaign

Find out more about the campaign here:



Women are making trade unions relevant again, says Rachel Holmes of The Guardian

Forget the idea of blokes and beer. With a majority of its members female, the movement is primed to tackle the gender pay gap and discrimination. Wales TUC menopause survey mentioned…




Campaign news from Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign (WASPI)

The campaign group Women Against State Pension Inequality is organising a march outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster to coincide with budget day, 8th March. There are places available on a bus going from South Wales for those who would like to join the march. If you would like to get in touch regarding the bus seats, please contact Anne Meacock of Usdaw (please contact via to get in touch with Anne).



International Women’s Day 8th March: Will you #BeBoldForChange?


International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.  Yet progress has slowed in many places across the world, so global action is needed to accelerate gender parity.

How will you #BeBoldForChange?


Find out more at




News from WEN Wales: International Women's Day programme of events


International Women’s Day worldwide is a celebration of the achievements and contribution of women and the women’s movement. In line with the UN’s theme for this year, ‘Be Bold For Change’, the Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales and Fizzi Productions are designing an inclusive programme of events in both Cardiff and Swansea, focussed on the theme ‘Creating An Equal Future.’ View details of events here:


The motherhood pay penalty


By the age of 42, mothers who are in full-time work are earning 11 per cent less than full-time women without children. New report published by the TUC this week:




“You don’t look disabled” – TUC guidance on ‘invisible’ impairments  -



Trade unions and disabled members: Why the Social Model matters:



Autism Awareness in the Workplace

The Wales TUC’s new Autism Awareness in the Workplace Wales Toolkit for union reps and officers will be published shortly and is now available to pre-order:

Autism Awareness in the Workplace course for union reps and officers will be offered in South Wales in late May and North Wales in early June – details to be circulated once confirmed.


Neurodiversity seminars – diary markers 26th and 28th April

The Wales TUC is organising 2 x one day neurodiversity seminars to be held in late April. These are planned to take place on 26th April in South Wales and 28th April in North Wales (tbc – more details to be circulated once confirmed).

“Neurodiversity” is a relatively new term that refers to the diversity of the human brain and people’s “neurocognitive functioning”. This means there is a wide range of difference in how people’s brains work and not everyone is “neuro-typical” - a term describing those without neurological conditions. “Neurodiversity” recognises that some people’s brains are ‘wired’ differently.

The seminars will look at how union reps can help support neurodiversity in the workplace with a particular focus on autism awareness. The events will include the launch of the new Autism Awareness in the Workplace Wales Toolkit for union reps and officers.

The union Prospect has some excellent online resources on neurodiversity which can be found here



Racism at Work

Racism is on the rise. For many Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) workers, racism at work is part of their everyday life.

The TUC has launched an online survey to expose the everyday reality of racism. Racism at Work is the first survey of its kind in the trade union movement.

Racism at Work can take many forms, from facing racial harassment at a work to being denied access to promotion or training. We are asking non-unionised as well as unionised workers to complete the survey. We are also keen to hear from anyone who has witnessed any form of racial harassment or discrimination.

This is your chance to share your experience about racism at work by completing the survey:

Racism at Work survey -


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Wilf Sullivan or Natasha Owusu


Update on the Wales TUC menopause in the workplace survey report and resources

The Wales TUC’s menopause survey is now closed and the report is being worked on at the moment, work is expected to be completed in late March. A big thank you to everyone who helped by circulating or completing the survey – it was the biggest response the Wales TUC has ever received to a survey. More news on the report and resources to follow soon.



Still just a bit of banter? Sexual harassment in the workplace in 2016

TUC report :


Government must ‘up its game’ to stamp out gender pay gap, says TUC

Commenting on the government’s response to the Women and Equality Select Committee’s report on the gender pay gap, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: 
“The government needs to up its game and tackle the root causes of the gender pay gap – not ignore them.
“This means removing the barriers that stop women getting better-paid jobs. And helping parents to share out caring responsibilities more equally.
“Ministers need to stop dragging their heels and challenge workplace discrimination full on.”



UK Pride dates

The dates for 2017 Pride events taking place across the UK can be found here. The TUC says “we want as many LGBT+ activists and allies at Pride events to demonstrate the trade union commitment - and continued fight - for LGBT+ equality.” 

Save the date: Pride Cymru in Cardiff will be taking place on 25-27 August 2017



Scrap tribunal fees to help fight dress code discrimination


New government pregnancy discrimination plans don’t go far enough, says TUC

Commenting on a report published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:


“We are pleased the government has finally published its plans for tackling pregnancy discrimination. However Ministers are still not confronting the elephant in the room – the impact of employment tribunal fees.


“Bad bosses will continue to get away with discriminating against new mums as long as it costs up to £1,200 to take a pregnancy discrimination claim.

“It’s also very disappointing that the government has not extended the time women have to bring a claim.


“My advice to women is to join a union. As the Equality and Human Rights Commission highlighted pregnant women and new mums are treated better in workplaces that recognise trade unions.”



We was there!




Join us in Cardiff on March 18


Join the worldwide marches for Anti-racism Day



Hello All,


Great to see more people involved in the monthly meeting. The importance of Mar 18 Demo on UN Anti-Racism Day was well established. Following which we have come up with following campaign to raise awareness about the demo


Demo Name: 


Solidarity March


Key Issues: 


1. Islamophobia

2. Refugees

3. Bigotry/Sexism

4. Tradition

5. Freedom Of Movement



How are we going to run the campaign?


One Key issue will be addressed for a week, which would mean next 5 weeks will set us up nicely for the Mar 18 Demo


02/02/2017 - 10/02/2017 : Islamophobia

11/02/2017 - 12/02/2017 : Refugees

18/02/2017 - 24/02/2017 : Bigotry/Sexism

25/02/2017 - 03/03/2017 : Tradition

04/03/2017 - 10/03/2017 : Freedom Of Movement

11/03/2017 - 17/03/2017 : Back Logs


What are we going to do? (Content Generation)


1. We will be running stories from local communities

2. Getting endorsement from Celebrities, Politicians, Businesses (Video or Quote) and getting them involved.

3. Q & A session

4. Memes

5. Witty Twitter engagement 

6. Viral Challenge

7. PR


What happens to Content?


1. Videos & Quotes will be shared on Facebook & Twitter

2. Stories will be shared on Facebook & Twitter

3. Q & A Session will be more of Live streaming

4. Memes is to keep the campaign lively & engaging



What & Who do we need now?


1. We need everyone to reach out to their friends, family, community to find out stories for every respective key issue listed above.

2. Reach out to local businesses and see if they are interested to have our leaflets left at their reception and get involved

3. Reach out to Global brands who have openly condemned Trump and get them involved

4. Anyone who can make a Documentary video to cover the stories. 

5. Anyone who can make a promo video for the demo

6. Anyone who can do Memes

7. Anyone who is willing to handle twitter account

8. Ideas about silly challenge for social media that might go viral

9. Anyone who is available to talk on Radio, TV, English & Welsh Speakers

10. If you anyone else has any other idea arts, performance, gigs, fund raisers, anything to contribute and raise awareness let us know


Contact Krishna to let us know how you can help and for more details 


phone: 07456506291



You can also join the what's app group via this link:


Best Regards,





All Wales Equality Newsletter

All Wales Equality Network Newsletter Au[...]
Microsoft Word document [818.4 KB]

If you would like to receive this newsletter on a monthly basis you can register your details following the link here

Unison Cymru/Wales Equalities Forum


Hi all,


Please find attached the notes from the meeting held in April. If you have not already responded but would like to attend the next meeting which is due to take place on Monday 21st September please let me know ASAP. I have to finalise numbers for refreshments at the start of next week. The meeting will be held in the Plas Antaron Hotel in Aberystwyth. An agenda will be sent out next week.


Many thanks,



Helen Huelin

Area Organiser


UNISON Cymru Wales

The Courtyard

Wind Street




Mobile: 07957 505756

Tel: 01792 483909


notes apr 15.docx
Microsoft Word document [15.5 KB]
Thompsons session.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.4 MB]
Wales TUC Education Service
Wales TUC Equality Briefing


Book now for your chance to attend the Wales TUC Equality Briefing. The event will include updates on key equality issues for trade unionists in Wales and an opportunity to find out the latest information in the equality field from experts. Delegates will have a chance to attend presentations and take part in discussions and workshops on a diverse range of topics including:

Shared parental leave - domestic violence - autism awareness in the workplace - mental health - the gender pay gap - hate crime and other topics.

Date: Thursday 16th April 2015

Venue: Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith, Cardiff CF11 8AZ 

Cost: Free

Who should attend: Trade union equality reps, equality officers, union reps/shop stewards, branch officials, health and safety reps, union learning reps, union professional officers and any union activists with an interest in equality issues.                                                                            

Time off, travel and expenses: All attendees should speak to their own union in advance to discuss permission to claim back travel and expenses from their union and for advise regarding securing time off to attend.


A buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided - please advise us in advance of any dietary or access requirements on the online booking form.



Food bank collection: There is no obligation, but if you are able, please bring an item of non-perishable food to donate to the local food bank.


Kind Regards




Nicola Savage

WTUC Equality Representative Network Officer


Wales TUC Education Team
Wales TUC Cymru
Tel: 029 2034 7010


2015 Workplace Equality Index

As part of the submission for the Workplace Equality Index, we need to give staff access to Stonewall’ feedback questionnaire.

Ordinarily it is only distributed to LGBT staff, but we have been instructed to distribute to all staff from this year on.


It takes about 5 minutes to fill in following the link below you have to enter the 3 digit code provided below.  We would appreciate as many people filling in the questionnaire a possible and do appreciate your time.  It goes directly to Stonewall and is totally anonymous apart from the 3 digit code we will all use.


Please see below.


Kind regards


Thank you for your interest in the 2015 Workplace Equality Index. All organisations participating in the Index are asked to invite their employees to fill in a questionnaire giving feedback directly to Stonewall on their experiences working in that organisation. The questionnaire is open to heterosexual as well as lesbian, gay and bisexual staff. It is worth five per cent of the overall marks in the assessment.


To participate, you will need to distribute the following to ALL staff:


The link to the questionnaire:

Your organisation's unique three digit code: 188


Responses submitted online will go directly to Stonewall




Reg Fish


Renal Systems Analyst

Nephrology& Transplant


Tel:     029 2074 6791

Fax:     029 2074 3525


  • 04 May 2012 17:31

    This section is for LGBT members. The LGBT members’ group fights discrimination and prejudice in the workplace and provides support for our members.

  • 22 May 2012 12:39

    This section is about the key issues affecting LGBT members. Each key issue explains the facts behind the issue, what UNISON is doing and how you can get involved. You will also find news articles, useful resources and events.

  • 06 Feb 2013 11:31

    The national conference of UNISON's LGBT members' self-organised group, to discuss issues and set policy affecting LGBT members. Find conference details and venue and accommodation information.

  • 06 Mar 2013 15:47

    Cuts and LGBT jobs and services

    UNISON believes the cuts are bad for the economy, bad for equality and bad for LGBT people. We call for a different future: we are fighting the cuts and defending public services.

  • 10 May 2013 12:34

    Add your support by attending a conference, talk or other event about issues affecting LGBT members. National and local events are listed.

  • 01 Mar 2013 11:50

    Use the resources page to download factsheets, leaflets and other useful documents about issues affecting LGBT members. Some documents are accessible to members only.

  • 08 May 2013 16:59

    The news page is regularly updated with articles about issues affecting LGBT members.

  • 29 Nov 2012 13:42

    LGBT members meet as a self-organised group at branch, regional and national level. Find out what the different groups do and how they are organised.

  • 04 Apr 2013 08:35

    List of regional contacts. Members can contact their LGBT members' representative in UNISON branches to discuss any issues that might arise in their workplace.

  • 27 Nov 2012 15:12

    UNISON fights discrimination and prejudice in the workplace on behalf of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members. Find out about our priorities and how we’re organised.


National Disabled Members Conference 2012

National Disabled Members Conference 2012

The ballot results and decisons from the Disabled Members Conference held 27th - 29th October 2012 in Brighton are attached. 
Link to a PDF document on this site



UNISON equality scheme - making it happen



Equality matters in UNISON. We've have a tailormade equality scheme to give us the tools to embed equality in everything we do, systematically and consistently.

There was extensive consultation on our draft scheme and our equality action plans. The scheme was revised following the consultation and remains a living document.

Equality matters

UNISON's equality scheme is a tool to help us make sure equality is promoted in everything we do. The equality strands in UNISON's scheme are age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion/belief and sexual orientation - plus low paid members and other groups facing discrimination, for example migrant workers. It includes detailed equality action plans for every head office unit and region. 

We are now at the end of the first year of the three year scheme. Regions and head office units are completing reports on what they have achieved in year one and any revision to their plans for years two and three. 

Equality makes sense

The equality scheme:

  • demonstrates that UNISON is a best practice organisation
  • brings new members into the union
  • builds the skills that activists and staff need to integrate equality into our work
  • assists us equality-proof our organising, negotiations and campaigns
  • sets smart targets so we can measure progress and communicate achievements.

Members in the driving seat

UNISON's lay member committees, UNISON staff and their trade unions have all been involved in the development of the equality scheme. 

A new guide for UNISON branches sets out how they can make sure equality is part of everything they do. It introduces the equality scheme and explains how it can be put into practice locally. 

Making equality happen in UNISON branches

Guide setting out how branches can make sure equality is part of everything they do. 
Link to a PDF document on this siteAcrobat PDF (2503369 bytes)

For more information, email: or write to us at

UNISON Means Equality, 1 Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9AJ.


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