Affiliated Trade Unions






Members of the British Association of Occupational Therapists who work in Health, Local Government and Higher Education organisations are also joint members of UNISON. This means that in addition to the full range of member and professional services offered by BAOT, members also enjoy all the benefits of belonging to UNISON. UNISON provides OT-specific industrial relations support and, most importantly, we continue to build and organise a strong nationwide network of accredited occupational therapy stewards and health and safety representatives appointed to provide trade union support to all OT staff within their workplace.

BAOT Stewards are integral to the BAOT UNISON partnership. They are BAOT members who are elected by their work colleagues to represent them in negotiations and consultation with their employer and to provide industrial relations advice and information. BAOT Stewards are accredited by their UNISON branch and are part of the branch committee. The stewards' training is provided by UNISON.

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Your BAOT / UNISON Officers are

Peter Hewin

Dawn Ward






Members of the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) are automatically members of UNISON. This means that in addition to the benefits they get as members of the Association, BAPO members will receive the unparalleled industrial relations and professional policy.


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