Peoples March For The NHS

Tredegar, Sunday 1st March 2015.

We were there!

Actor Michael Sheen's passionate speech, at Tredegar, on cuts to  the NHS (video) goes viral.

Watch it here.

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Assembly at the town clock, Tredegar.
We met up with Terry and our comrades from RCT branch at the town clock.
The march through town to Bedwellty House.
Michael Sheen, more famous for Hollywood Blockbusters than soap box politics, joined us on the march.
A lovely day in Tredegar - cold, windy, hailstones and rain. Bedwellty House in the background.
Michael Sheen's voice resonated passionately around the park, as he spoke about the threats to our NHS to a captivated audience in Tredegar.
"Sorry Michael, I don't do autographs"!
Cardiff & Vale Health Branch in touch with Hollywood.